Alex Hakes, Analyst

Capital + Diligence

Alex joined Volition in 2016.  He is responsible for the sourcing of new investment opportunities focused in the technology sector and for working with current portfolio companies.

Prior to joining Volition full-time, Alex interned at Volition and T Rowe Price Equity Research.

Alex earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and an International Business Certificate from the University of Notre Dame.

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More About Alex

Interned for T Rowe Price Equity Research in Baltimore

Attended the University of Notre Dame and received his BBA in Finance and an International Business Certificate

Contact Alex

tel.  +1 617 830 2102


Alex's Story

Alex grew up in Spokane, WA as the youngest of three children.  Growing up as the youngest, he was constantly involved in the activities of his family, enabling him to learn from their experiences early on.  Following in their footsteps, he developed passionate loves for soccer and travel that have only continued to grow.

Learning from his father’s financial experience managing a small business and investing in the public market, Alex became impassioned with finance, beginning to invest in stocks from an early age.  In order to develop his investment skills, he decided to move to Indiana in order to attend Notre Dame and pursue his degree in Finance.

While at Notre Dame, Alex enjoyed the new atmosphere and quickly adapted to living on his own.  He enjoyed the freedom to join any clubs and groups that interested him, resulting in his consistent involvement with the rock climbing club, pickup soccer groups, his dorm’s intermural soccer team and the investment club.

Alex’s passion for investments continued to grow as he became more involved with the investment club, diving right in and taking part in several investing and stock pitch competitions, both locally and nationally.  However, it was only after his summer experience at T Rowe Price Equity Research that he realized his true passion, venture.  The idea of pairing his investment experience and interest with small, yet fast growing businesses seemed like the perfect fit.

Based on this new understanding, Alex pursued an internship with Volition Capital, after which he moved to Boston and joined as an Analyst in 2016.

Outside of the office, Alex enjoys running, rock climbing, playing soccer and watching his Gunners (Arsenal FC) take on the Premier League.