Sector Expertise

We seek to invest in innovative companies across a range of technology sectors.
We're a hybrid of techie geeks and business gurus.
We look for companies that leverage proprietary technology to solve critical business problems.
We believe that when new technical infrastructure and connectivity technologies are introduced, great businesses can be built on top of that infrastructure for decades after its original introduction.  This was as true as it was decades ago when railroads were introduced, as it is today in the age of the Internet and mobility.  

For this reason, our fundamental belief is that we are in the early innings of how technology is changing the world we live in – both for businesses and consumers.  We believe the pace of change and innovation is only accelerating and therein lays the opportunity to invest in great companies for decades to come.

The following are some of the sectors we focus on and a sample of both active and historical portfolio companies that the Volition Capital partners led or are currently involved in managing.  

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