Jim Ferry, Associate

Capital + Loyalty

Jim joined the team at Volition in 2014 and is responsible for sourcing new investment opportunities across different technology sectors and assisting with current portfolio operations.  He is a Board observer for Connatix and is actively involved with Broker Genius.     

Jim received his Bachelor of Arts degree in finance from Providence College in 2014.

Prior to joining Volition Capital, Jim interned at a mid-sized private equity firm, Gridiron Capital as an analyst and also  Pyramis Global Advisors in the Treasury Department for Alternative Investments.

Current Portfolio

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More About Jim

+  Sector Focuses include SaaS, Information Technology, and Internet-based companies.

+  Attended Providence College and received his BA in Finance.

Contact Jim

tel. 617-830-2112




Jim's Story

Jim grew up in Cumberland, RI where he attended Cumberland High School was class president and captain of varsity baseball and indoor track.  His interest in capital markets was sparked by taking a general business class in high school that provided the opportunity to invest pseudo money in public equities.

From there he majored in Finance at Providence College and worked two jobs as a tutor and vice president of the intramural athletic board, while also playing as many intramurals that fit into his schedule. At Providence College he was chosen to be in a small group to actively manage a portion of the colleges endowment in public equities. This gave Jim exposure to the skillset required to identify, research and analyze companies.

Prior to Volition, Jim interned at a Gridiron Capital, LLC where he was introduced to private equity.

"At Gridiron Capital I realized I wanted a career in private equity because unlike public markets, there is a hands on attitude in helping portfolio companies solve their complex problems and invest in their ideas.  The relationship built with the founders and managers is exciting and I feel this human interaction was lacking for me within the public markets."

Jim also interned for Pyramis Global Advisors in the Treasury Department for Alternative Investments which gave him a deeper understanding and analysis of both private and public investment opportunities.

 After graduating from Providence College, Jim joined the Volition team in 2014.

 In his spare time he enjoys attending Boston sporting events, golfing, and fishing.