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+  Kevin received his Bachelors of Arts in Economics at Harvard College.

+  Kevin's sector focuses included SaaS, Internet, and Information Technology

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Kevin's Story

Kevin has a profound passion and appreciation for technology and business developed when he started playing with a dusty typewriter as a toddler. In college, he designed and wrote websites for student groups, repaired iPhones, and sold tech gadgets online to support himself. Prior to Volition Capital, he worked as a database engineer for JPMC, where he rewrote several company-wide risk management systems. When he realized Groupon lacked loyalty and consistency in their relationship with partners, he saw the opportunity to write a web application with the right incentives. While that venture ultimately did not succeed, Kevin experienced first-hand the empowering gifts of entrepreneurship: the courage to write one's own destiny; the power to create into existence; the ability to leave the world a little better than he found it. He loves meeting and working with curious tinkerers and inspiring visionaries whose hard work and dedication changed one corner of the world.

Kevin was born in Seoul and raised on Long Island, New York. Music was a big part of Kevin's early life as an amateur pianist and cellist in regional orchestras. He was also active in student government, in which his Ali-G impersonations, speeches, emcee-ing, and roundtables sparked a fascination for public speaking and organizations. In his next stage of life at Harvard, he directed Veritas Financial Group, deejayed classical music at the school radio, taught piano to underprivileged local children, and led several cultural groups. He studied Economics and Sociology, and earned a citation in Korean in 2014.

When Kevin first met the team at Volition, he was awestruck by their drive, commitment, and, most of all, their humility despite success. "This is a place I could call home," he thought. And he was right.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys reading, sculpting, meditating, hiking, playing piano, and traveling.