Lindsey Eckerd,
VP of Marketing

“There’s no crying in baseball” - Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

lindsey’s focus

Marketing, branding and supporting portfolio companies.


  • Lindsey joined Volition Capital in 2019 as the first Marketing hire to build out the firm’s marketing program.

  • Spent three years, “boots on the ground,” building-out the marketing and BDR programs at BISON (analytics software for private equity managers) and three years on the customer success and marketing teams at HubSpot (platform software for marketing & sales).

  • Began her career with boutique Branding and Marketing agencies in NYC, working with fortune 500 B2B and B2C companies, such as Staples, Banana Republic, Schwab Advisor Services, and AOL.

  • Holds a BA with honors from NYU in Political Science and Spanish Language.

FIVE Fun Facts About Lindsey

  • I love to nerd out about classical music. I’ve sung in four professional operas and feel at home on stage.

  • No, I will not sing you something.

  • I don’t have Cable. I’d rather watch a movie or binge watch a show. But, honestly, I just don’t like watching that much TV.

  • I am genuinely fascinated by people and what makes them tick. I believe our feelings and sub-conscious belief systems dictate all the choices we make (whether that’s a business or consumer decision). Marketing is a people puzzle.

  • I have a fierce 7-year-old daughter who gives me a run for my money.



  • Sector focus is B2B Technology and SaaS 

  • Attended NYU and double majored in Political Science and Spanish  

lindsey’s story

Lindsey grew up in Connecticut and spent most of her childhood on stage singing opera and musical theater. At NYU, Lindsey discovered a passion for what attracted Lindsey to marketing was her creativity and her love of understanding what makes people tick.