Jeff Waters Joins MegaPath as Vice President of Field Sales

Industry Veteran to Lead Company’s Sales Teams Nationwide to Deliver High-Quality Voice, Data, Security and Hosted IT Services to Small Businesses and Enterprise Organizations

PLEASANTON, Calif. – October 9, 2012 – MegaPath Corporation, one of the leading providers of managed data, voice, security and hosted IT services in North America, today announced that Jeff Waters has joined the company as Vice President of Field Sales. In this role, Waters will work in MegaPath’s new Denver, Colo. field office and oversee the company’s outside sales teams that focus on mid-to-large size businesses and enterprise accounts, including Fortune 1000 companies and large retailers.

“Organizations across the country are looking for the most cost-effective communications solutions available, but want to ensure they do not sacrifice quality of service,” said Waters. “MegaPath is known for its strong voice, data, security and hosted IT services, and I look forward to working with the sales teams to ensure we meet the communications needs of companies nationwide.”

Prior to MegaPath, Waters served in multiple roles with CenturyLink and Qwest Communications. Most recently, he was Vice President of the Government and Education division of CenturyLink where he led sales and support for the company’s customers in state and local government and education sectors. Waters also worked as Vice President of Sales for Qwest Communications’ mid-market sales division and managed the company’s inside and outside sales teams before the company merged with CenturyLink.

“We are pleased to welcome Jeff to the MegaPath team,” said Jeffrey Pearl, Senior Vice President, Sales, MegaPath. “His experience will be extremely valuable as we continue expanding our field sales organization into new markets to deliver the most complete set of data, voice, security and hosted IT services to businesses across the country.”

MegaPath recently completed its nationwide Ethernet over Copper (EoC) network expansion and opened a number of field offices across the country, including an office in Denver, to support the nation’s largest EoC network. The company now has 11 corporate offices across the United States including its headquarters in Pleasanton, Calif. and sales offices in Austin, Texas; Albuquerque, N.M. and Phoenix, Ariz. To learn more about MegaPath’s offerings, visit

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EnterpriseDB - competing with giants

Summary: EnterpriseDB has been working with the PostgreSQL open source community to make the technology better, faster, more reliable and better able to address customer requirements. Now is the time for the company to take steps to reach out to the suppliers that influence the selection of database product rather than just reaching out directly to customers' technical staff members

By Dan Kusnetzky for Virtually Speaking | September 12, 2012 -- 12:46 GMT (05:46 PDT) 

From time to time, I have the opportunity to speak with someone from EnterpriseDB, a company devoted to bringing the open source PostgreSQL database to organizations of all sizes. The propose of the call was introducing EnterpriseDB's new Multi-Master Replication (MMR) capability. The conversation then went on to focus on how EnterpriseDB was trying to compete with giants, such as Oracle, to win over decision-makers and database architects.

Multi-Master Replication 

EnterpriseDB has long focused on improving the PostgreSQL open source database. The company as worked to improve overall performance, scalability, reliability, security and availability of PostgreSQL. It has also worked to package the open source technology and provide commercial-grade  installation, documentation and support. Multi-Master Replication, now in beta test, is designed to make it possible for geographically disbursed databases to be kept in synchronization with one another.

MMR is trigger based, that is certain events can trigger replication of changed portions of the database to another system in a safe and reliable way. What's different about this version of replication is that systems on both end of the connection can be masters, each running different applications simultaneously. This is a significant improvement over Master/Slave approaches to replication that require a system be devoted to backing up the database system in case there is a need to recover the database after some form of failure.

Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others have offered replication technology such as this for quite some time. EnterpriseDB's move can be seen either as defensive or as systematically removing barriers to sales to medium and large size customers.

Competing with the giants
EnterpriseDB finds itself competing the giant companies, such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and a few others. Over time, the PostgreSQL open source community and EnterpriseDB have extended their technology so that it can address upwards of 90% of the requirements of a database engine to support traditional and new applications. Getting attention and convincing customers to try out the database has been challenging.

EnterpriseDB, and to a large extent, the open source PostgreSQL community has largely focused on the technical requirements of database architects and administrators. When the company speaks about its products and solutions, it tends to speak about the technical aspects of the technology and why it is good enough to be the foundation of today's applications.

Dealing with today's decision process 

Unfortunately, companies seldom select a database based solely upon its technical merits.

Application first 
If a customer sees its information technology as a necessary evil, it is likely to select applications first, the development tools and application frameworks required by those applications and only then consider which database product is best when supporting that stack of software.

In this case, the database is the third choice and the choice of database is directed by earlier choices.  To win, the database supplier would have to win over the suppliers of both the application and the application development tools/frameworks to even be considered. 

I'm not aware of a single application supplier that leads with EnterpriseDB's product or with the PostgreSQL open source project that is the foundation of EnterpriseDB's products and services. 

Development tools first
If a customer sees its information technology either as a competitive weapon or as the foundation of its products and services, it is likely that no packaged application software will fit their requirements. So, they'll start with the necessary development tools and application frameworks first, the packaged applications needed to round out their plans for a new product or service offerings.

In this case, the database software is the third choice, once again. As in the other case, the database supplier would have to be recommended by the other suppliers to come to the customer's party.

I'm not aware of a single development tool or application framework supplier that leads with EntepriseDB or PostgreSQL. 

Unasked for, shoot from the hip advise to EnterpriseDB 
It is clear that EnterpriseDB needs to be more aggressive in winning over other suppliers to be invited to the customer's application party. Here are some random thoughts on what EnterpriseDB needs to do:

  • Demonstrate to suppliers of applications, development tools and application frameworks that they will sell more of their product because the overall solution pricing will be lower than when the same application is sold into the installed base of Oracle, IBM or Microsoft  database users. EnterpriseDB then needs to go on to persuade them to lead with its products in appropriate customer engagements. 
  • Acknowledge that business decision-makers must be won over not just the technical decision-makers. This means that EnterpriseDB must make the business case that its customers saved money, were more profitable and went on to win more business because of their use of EnterpriseDB. EnterpriseDB must then go on to help these decision-makers make the case to company management that an EnterpriseDB decision is not risky. 
  • Rather than always relying on a very technical presentation of EnterpriseDB's merit, it would be best to pick a few important features and show how customers do better because they chose EnterpriseDB rather than products from Oracle, IBM or Microsoft.

This set of comments is only the beginning.

Regardless of the fact that PostgreSQL in general and EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus are really strong tools and really should be considered, customers must be made aware of the fact that it exists and is available before they'll be interested in learning more. They must be persuaded to be interested in learning more before they'll come to want what the technology can do for them. These customers must want this technology before they can be persuaded to take action and purchase it. 

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Ensighten Appoints Josh Goodwin To Chief Technology Officer

CUPERTINO, Calif., December 13, 2012: Ensighten, innovator of Real-Time™ Tag Management Systems and visitor privacy solutions that optimize web analytics and digital marketing performance, has appointed Josh Goodwin to the position of chief technology officer. He was formerly Ensighten’s chief software architect. Located in Ensighten’s Cupertino head office, the new position gives Mr. Goodwin oversight over research and development of leading-edge innovative digital marketing solutions built on Ensighten’s global TMS platform. Mr. Goodwin has played a key role in the design and development of Ensighten’s advanced tag management product line, which de-couples marketing and website development cycles, accelerates website performance and enables real-time website optimization.

“It’s an exciting time to be taking on the chief technology officer role at Ensighten. I’m heartened by the market acceptance and adoption of our unique real-time approach to tag management,” said Josh Goodwin, chief technology officer at Ensighten. “No other TMS can interact with the browser in real time as the visitor navigates a site – so we’re delivering tag code on an as-needed, dynamic basis. This advanced architecture and our global Tag Delivery Network infrastructure are now fully deployed and I’m ready to work on the next generation of tag management technology. The Web is constantly changing and we are already working on technology to solve the next set of digital marketing challenges our customers and partners will face.”“I am very happy to announce Josh Goodwin’s new role as CTO at Ensighten,” said Ensighten CEO Josh Manion. “Josh has been our lead technologist since the beginning of the company. My goal in starting Ensighten was to create a tag management platform that was beyond the status quo and met the needs of large global enterprises. Josh has applied his incredible technical skills and digital marketing knowledge to architect and build our current, industry-leading TMS platform. We look forward to more incredible innovations from Josh in his new role.”

Mr. Goodwin initially architected and built Ensighten’s real-time, single-line-of-code approach to tag management, a radical re-thinking and improvement on existing tag management systems. The combination of a client-side approach and a smart cloud infrastructure to dynamically deliver tag code resulted in a huge leap forward for tag management solutions. For the first time, a tag management system could support all tags, improve site performance, and offer precision tag targeting by visitor, session, and page. He was also the lead architect of Ensighten’s Tag Delivery Network infrastructure, which powers Ensighten TMS products and currently supports brands such as Microsoft Stores, MoneySupermarket, Sony Electronics, Staples, Subaru, Symantec, TUI Travel, T-Mobile, and United Airlines. In addition, Mr. Goodwin has played a key role in intellectual property development at Ensighten, and is currently listed as inventor or co-inventor on one granted patent and four pending patent applications. A lifelong programmer, Mr. Goodwin began teaching himself to write code at age 10.

Prior to Ensighten, Mr. Goodwin spent more than a decade in technology consulting, working for clients that included Caterpillar, Motorola, Wolfram|Alpha. A lifelong programmer, Mr. Goodwin began teaching himself to write code at age 10.

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Leads360 Named One of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America on Deloitte's 2012 Technology Fast 500

Fast-paced growth attributed to best-in-class lead management and sales automation solutions

Los Angeles, November 19, 2012 - Leads360, a market-leader in cloud-based lead management and sales automation solutions, today announced it ranked for a second consecutive year on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. Leads360's President and Chief Executive Officer, Nick Hedges, credits the company's impressive revenue growth to continued technology innovation in the growing lead management and sales automation market.

"With Leads360 lead management and integrated sales dialer, our customers are experiencing transformational sales results, boosting conversion rates by as much as 400 percent," said Hedges. "Our customers invest significantly in generating leads; Leads360 ensures those leads don't fall through the cracks."

Leads360 enables sales organizations to effectively manage prospective buyers from click to close, with systematic phone, email, and SMS follow up that is guided by proven-to-convert industry best practices.

"The companies on the Fast 500 list are among those that have demonstrated remarkable innovation, creativity and business savvy," said Bill Ribaudo, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP and national TMT leader for audit and enterprise risk services (AERS). "As a result, these companies have continued to successfully forge ahead in a challenging economic environment. We applaud the leadership and employees of Leads360 for this impressive accomplishment."

This is the second consecutive year that Leads360 has ranked on the Technology Fast 500. Overall, 2012 Technology Fast 500 companies achieved revenue growth ranging from 128 percent to 279,684 percent from 2007 to 2011, with an average growth of 2,774 percent.

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Blackduck wins best in biz award 2012

Judges Note Company’s Prominent Expansion, Confer Award in Fastest-Growing Company of the Year Category

Burlington, MA – November 16, 2012 – Black Duck has been named a silver winner in Best in Biz Awards, the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. The company was recognized in the Fastest-Growing Company of the Year category among mid-sized companies (101-1,000 employees),

Since January 1, 2011, Black Duck Software has expanded dramatically, maintaining a four-year streak of 30 percent growth in year-over-year sales. Since that time, the company achieved significant global channel expansion, now operating in 24 countries around the world, and designed and relocated to an award-winning headquarters in Burlington, MA. Reporting 34 percent growth in 2011, Black Duck added 240 new customers in 2011 (bringing total customers to 1,000), and has grown to over 190 employees in CY 2012. Sales of small and medium-scale configurations grew 66 percent for Q2, particularly in the financial services, enterprise IT, and automotive sectors.

“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious recognition of our global momentum and growth,” said Tim Yeaton, President and CEO, Black Duck. “Black Duck’s success is a testament to open source software’s growing importance in many industries. We will continue to lead the market in delivering innovative solutions for the adoption, governance and management of open source software to our customers.”

More than 400 entries were submitted to the awards program from a wide array of public and private companies of all sizes and industries in the U.S. and Canada.

Winners of Best in Biz Awards 2012 were determined by an independent panel of judges from top-tier news, business and technology publications, as well as broadcast outlets and analyst firms, such as ABC, Businessweek, Computerworld, ECT News Network, Entrepreneur, eWeek, Examiner, Financial Times, Forbes, FOX News, IDG Ventures, IEEE Institute, Inc., Insight Media, King Features Syndicate, Lab Reviews, Network World, The News and Observer, PC Magazine, ReadWriteWeb, Tech-Gaming, Techtalk, Upstart Business Journal, USA Today and ZDNet.

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G5 Named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ for Third Consecutive Year

Bend, Ore.– November 14, 2012 News

G5, the leading provider of Digital Experience Management (DXM) for the property management sector, today announced its third consecutive year of ranking among North America’s 500 fastest growing technology, media telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies.

G5 posted revenue growth of 1096% from 2007 to 2011 to earn the #105 position on this year’s ranking. The seven-year old company previously ranked #60 (2011) and #51 (2010) on Deloitte’s annual listing.

The G5 DXM Platform includes five product suites that enable properties to create, deliver, measure and optimize amazing experiences at every digital touchpoint. The product suites can be used independently or as a single solution.
More than 4,000 property websites representing over 1 million units from the  Multifamily Housing, Self Storage, Senior Living and Student Housing industries are hosted on the DXM Platform.

Over the past year, G5 has launched several innovative products including G5 Reputation Manager™, an online review monitoring and soliciting tool, and G5 One™, next-generation SEO websites with responsive design.

Award Methodology

Technology Fast 500™ award winners are selected based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth from 2007 to 2011.
In order to be eligible for Technology Fast 500 recognition, companies must own proprietary intellectual property or technology that is sold to customers in products that contribute to a majority of the company’s operating revenues. Companies must have base-year operating revenues of at least $50,000 USD or CD, and current-year operating revenues of at least $5 million USD or CD. Additionally, companies must be in business for a minimum of five years, and be headquartered within North America.

The full list of Fast 500 companies can be found here.


“We’re very excited to be recognized as one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies for three years in a row,” said Dan Hobin, co-founder and CEO of G5. “Property owners and operators know they can count on us to maximize their online marketing performance. Our software platform delivers the results they’re looking for—more leads, leases and revenue.”

“The companies on the Fast 500 list are among those that have demonstrated remarkable innovation, creativity and business savvy,” said Bill Ribaudo, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP and national technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) leader for audit and enterprise risk services (AERS). “As a result, these companies have continued to successfully forge ahead in a challenging economic environment. We applaud the leadership and employees of G5 for this impressive accomplishment.”

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Ping Identity Ranked Number 166 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2012 Technology Fast 500™

Attributes 558 percent revenue growth to innovative cloud and mobile identity security solutions for business and government.

November 14, 2012

DENVER, Colo. — November 14, 2012 — Ping Identity®, today announced it ranked 166 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. Ping Identity grew 558 percent during this period.

Ping Identity’s Chief Executive Officer Andre Durand credits the dedication to innovation with the company’s success. “We employ the brightest minds in identity. People who are passionate about innovation to drive both our business and our industry forward," he said. “Focusing on great inputs enables great achievements. We are proud to be recognized by Deloitte & Touche.”

“The companies on the Fast 500 list are among those that have demonstrated remarkable innovation, creativity and business savvy,” said Bill Ribaudo partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP and national TMT leader for audit and enterprise risk services (AERS). “As a result, these companies have continued to successfully forge ahead in a challenging economic environment. We applaud the leadership and employees of Ping Identity for this impressive accomplishment.”

Overall, 2012 Technology Fast 500™ companies achieved revenue growth ranging from 128 percent to 279,684 percent from 2007 to 2011, with an average growth of 2,774 percent.

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Monarch Investment & Management Group Teams with G5 and YARDI

Bend, Ore. and Franktown, Colo. – Nov. 12, 2012



• Monarch Investment & Management Group, a private real estate investment firm, has chosen to leverage the combined G5 and Yardi solution to improve its digital presence and performance, optimize operational efficiencies, and deliver enhanced experiences for its residents and prospects. G5, the leading provider of Digital Experience Management (DXM) for the multifamily industry, and Yardi, the leader in providing multifamily solutions for property management, ancillary services, and end-to-end marketing, announced their alliance in June during the 2012 NAA Education Conference & Exposition. The alliance was a key factor in Monarch’s decision.

• The G5 DXM Platform includes five product suites that enable properties to create, deliver, measure and optimize amazing experiences at every digital touchpoint. The product suites can be used independently or as a single solution. In addition to new high performing responsive design websites that will launch by the end of the year, the platform will support Monarch’s ongoing SEO, Google+ Local optimization and reputation management. Monarch has also retained G5’s Strategy Consulting Services to help them maximize marketing performance and out-execute their competition.

• RENTCafé™ by Yardi is an end-to-end marketing, leasing and resident services platform built into the Yardi Voyager™ property management and accounting system. In a single platform, RENTCafé provides ILS, property marketing, online leasing with lease execution, resident portals for lease renewals, maintenance and online payments, and a resident referral program for social media – all with mobility. RENTCafé will seamlessly integrate with G5’s DXM solution to maximize the entire Searcher>Prospect>Resident>Advocate cycle for Monarch in a way that is unprecedented in the industry.

• This announcement coincides with the opening day of the 2012 NMHC Apartment Operations and Technology Conference & Exposition in Dallas.



• “With the combined G5/Yardi solution, we now have an end-to-end solution that will help us capture new rental prospects, make life easier for existing tenants and also give us a scalable platform for future success,” said Neal Cusick, Monarch’s Asset Manager. “Through the combination of G5’s digital marketing expertise with the high touch service of a dedicated Client Performance Manager and the seamless integration with Yardi, Monarch is poised to not only increase our business performance and brand equity, but also to take our resident and prospect satisfaction to a whole new level.”

• “The digital voice of the customer is increasing in volume, and multifamily communities need a new kind of strategy and system to address it,” said Dan Hobin, co-founder and CEO of G5. “We’re excited to be working with Monarch to help them build digital experiences that captivate their customers and drive revenue.”

• “RENTCafé handles the online leasing, payment, maintenance request and lease renewal portion of our combined offering to help Monarch keep pace with a rental population whose use of online and mobile services expands daily,” said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales for Yardi. “By providing online services for prospects and residents, it bridges the gap between successfully attracting new renters and ensuring that they will favorably review and advocate for Monarch’s communities.”

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Ensighten Previews Windows 8 Mobile Phone Support at DAA Seattle Symposium

CUPERTINO, Calif, November 7, 2012: As Microsoft Corp. begins shipment of Windows 8, and dozens of hardware vendors announce Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors, Ensighten is planning to bring its mobile tag management technology to the Windows 8 platform so that publishers, game developers and marketers can gain insight into mobile app usage and campaign performance on the latest range of mobile devices.

Ensighten, innovator of enterprise tag management systems and visitor privacy solutions that optimize web analytics and digital marketing performance, previewed upcoming support for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 mobile platforms at the fall DAA Seattle Symposium, held on the Microsoft Campus. Windows support will be added to a forthcoming version of Ensighten Mobile 2.0, which will boost the marketing agility of publishers and businesses that seek real-time insights into how their mobile apps are being accessed and used.

Ensighten Mobile 2.0 leverages Ensighten’s single line of code technology to enable comprehensive, real-time tagging of any mobile app without requiring developers to integrate proprietary SDKs or compile tags into a Win8 mobile app. For compatibility with an enterprise’s existing tools, Ensighten Mobile 2.0 supports all major enterprise Web analytics platforms.

“Ensighten is committed to making it a technical no-brainer to easily integrate any enterprise’s Web analytics tool into their mobile apps — without the need to use an SDK and recompile,” said Des Cahill, VP of marketing at Ensighten. “We’re looking forward to working with Web analytics and digital marketing professionals as they add Windows 8 mobile analytics to their campaign performance dashboard, and eliminate separate silos for mobile and Web analytics data."

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MegaPath Continues to Lead in Ethernet Connectivity with Launch of Extended Ethernet Service

PLEASANTON, Calif. – Nov. 7, 2012 – MegaPath Corporation, one of the leading providers of managed data, voice, security and hosted IT services in North America, today announced the launch of its extended Ethernet service, which expands the reach of MegaPath's leading Business Ethernet access to customers in areas where Ethernet over Copper (EoC) service is unavailable. With this launch, MegaPath's Business Ethernet services now reach more organizations needing connectivity to support VoIP, Internet access and MPLS/VPN network requirements.

MegaPath's extended Ethernet service currently reaches close to one million businesses in 25 key markets including Phoenix, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In Phoenix, the number of businesses now reached by MegaPath Ethernet services has tripled. The extended Ethernet service provides the same speeds regardless of its distance from the Central Office (CO), making it an excellent option for businesses located in outlying areas.

"Ethernet is ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective, high-performance access solution to support their bandwidth-intensive applications, and MegaPath is leading the way in our nationwide deployments," said Dan Foster, President, Business Markets, MegaPath. "With the broadest Ethernet footprint in North America, MegaPath is continuing to invest in an aggressive Ethernet build out, which now extends the reach of Ethernet service to even more business customers. As businesses recognize the need for increased bandwidth at lower prices, MegaPath is the only provider proactively addressing their critical business requirements."

MegaPath's Business Ethernet services provide organizations with high-bandwidth, reliable and cost-effective alternatives to more expensive access solutions. Business Ethernet services offer more resiliency by using loop bonding technology that ensures if one loop in a bundle fails, the remaining circuits will continue to function. Backed by MegaPath's Secure to the Core™ MPLS network, the services also enable users to gain the competitive advantages offered by the company's Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities when supporting bandwidth-intensive and performance-critical applications.

MegaPath recently completed its 2012 Ethernet over Copper expansion project, solidifying its position as the largest EoC provider in the United States. MegaPath plans to continue investing in its Ethernet network and will announce new Ethernet capabilities in early 2013. For more information on MegaPath's Ethernet services, visit

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GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc Recognized as Fastest-Growing Company in Arizona Ranked One of the Fastest-Growing Companies Second Year in a Row at 2012 ACE

PHOENIX (November 6, 2012) - Once again GlobalTranz is honored to be recognized by Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards.  GlobalTranz was recently named the 5th Fastest-Growing Company and the 24th Largest Private Company in Arizona, moving up from the 29th the previous year.  GlobalTranz is a Phoenix-based logistics company that provides innovative technology solutions to manage logistics.

The ACE Awards is an annual event developed by Phoenix Business Journal that recognizes private companies in the state of Arizona in two separate categories: annual revenue and year-over-year growth.  

Just this year, GlobalTranz has expanded their work force by in excess of 80% to over 200 employees and recently expanded its office space by 10,000 square feet.  The company added two experienced senior executives to their management team, thus creating one of the most distinguished and experienced leadership teams in the transportation industry.   GlobalTranz expects its growth to continue at an aggressive pace in the near future.

Marty Sinicrope, the newly appointed President and Chief Operating Officer, expressed, “I am proud to be a part of a strong company culture where employees are committed to achieving the organizations overall goals.” Chief Financial Officer, Greg Roeper added, “I am beyond impressed with the passion of the leadership team and dedication of both the Agents and employees.” 

“It is extremely gratifying to be recognized by ACE and these awards reflect the hard work and dedication of our entire team.  While achieving this high level of growth, we have also been investing heavily in the next generation of software to facilitate continued growth well into the future. With our highly advanced Truckload Dispatch Software, we’ll become the unquestionable leader in our industry,” states Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Leto.  

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iPipeline Announces Appointment of Paul Greenberg as Country Manager for iPipeline Japan and Asia Pacific

iPipeline Announces Appointment of Paul Greenberg as Country Manager for iPipeline Japan and Asia Pacific

Exton, PA — 11/06/2012

Key Role to Encompass Business Development, Sales, Program Management, and Strategic Partnerships

iPipeline®, the leader in on-demand marketing, selling and processing solutions for the nation's top insurance carriers, distributors and producers, today announced the appointment of Paul Greenberg as Country Manager for iPipeline Japan and Asia Pacific. Paul will be responsible for iPipeline’s business expansion into Japan and Asia Pacific.

"Paul comes to us from Cerego Japan, where he served as President of Cerego Global LLC, a company bringing breakthrough learning technology solutions to market. He did an exceptional job expanding Cerego’s services and business alliances, targeting relationships, deals and opportunities to accelerate business growth. This is exactly what we need done for iPipeline in this burgeoning market place," said Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline. "In this new role, Paul will build his country team and collaborate with North American and European counterparts to establish our brand presence and build a dominant position for iPipeline Japan and Asia Pacific. I am pleased to have Paul in this promising role and look forward to our global growth in 2013."

"iPipeline is a true innovator. Our vision is to become the global leader into transforming ideas into solutions that revolutionize the insurance industry. Japan and Asia Pacific represent key opportunities for iPipeline’s automated marketing, selling and processing solutions," said Paul Greenberg, Country Manager, iPipeline Japan and Asia Pacific. "We offer an integrated, SaaS-based platform with all of the agent tools needed for CRM, quotes, illustrations, e-applications, status tracking, and e-delivery of insurance products. The new efficiencies and cost savings to be gained will have a far-reaching impact on modernizing today's insurance industry. I am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce these solutions to the Japan and Asia Pacific market place."

Paul was also CEO of Cerego Japan K.K., the Japan-based subsidiary of Cerego Global, where he formulated the company's core paid service model around Cerego's leading-edge "iKnow!" service. Prior to joining Cerego Japan, Paul served as Vice President and GM of Digital Media for the North Asia region at MTV Networks and was responsible for MTV Networks. Paul also served as COO of Napster Japan, where he developed the PC and mobile business strategies and launched the first cloud-based subscription music distribution service in Japan. Earlier, Paul served as Manager at Mitchell Madison Group, a global strategy consultancy based in New York City. 

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Cortera Opens Boston Office

Expanding sales team to respond to industry demand for B2B purchase behavior data

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 29, 2012 – Cortera®, a provider of comprehensive business-to-business payment and purchase data and insights for U.S. companies, announced it is opening a new office in Boston to support the company’s recent growth due to the strong demand for the company’s B2B purchase behavior data, insights and sales intelligence.

Cortera’s new sales team will operate out of the Prudential Tower in the heart of the Boston Back Bay business center. The company also has offices in Boca Raton, Fla., the company’s headquarters; Quincy, Mass.; and Bangalore, India.
The company growth and need for corporate expansion largely resulted from the popularity of the company’s new B2B purchase behavior data, which enables companies to track active and potential customers’ purchasing history and spending patterns to understand their overall financial health, make educated predictions on what they are likely to purchase in the future and understand the risk associated with their ability to pay for those purchases.

“Our Boston office expansion represents the company’s internal growth as a result of popular demand for our B2B purchase behavior – what businesses buy and how their spending patterns change over time,” said Jim Swift, CEO of Cortera. “Expanding our corporate footprint into the Boston area makes it easier for us to attract top new talent and continue to serve our clients with actionable insights that help increase their ROI and improve corporate performance.”

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Stylesight Announces Editorial Partnership with Woolmark

October 18, 2012 - The Woolmark Company, the world’s leading authority on Merino wool, is proud to announce an editorial partnership with Stylesight, the industry-leading content and technology solution for professionals in the fashion, style and design sectors, which provides valuable insight to 4,000 global companies, incorporating over 40,000 users.

Launching in October 2012, the partnership will include the creation of quarterly online newsletters. Each issue of the newsletter, titled WOOLsite, will contain a feature about Merino wool product development, a piece about Merino wool inspirations, a profile on a spotlight brands, as well as seasonal fabric and yarn trends highlighting spinners and weavers who are producing significant innovations in wool.

Also included will be a focus on The Woolmark Company’s latest marketing initiatives, including updates on the International Woolmark Prize, Campaign for Wool and the latest Woolmark ambassador activity.

The editorial structure for each newsletter will include the following:

This will feature one leading or emerging mill famed for its directional wool fabric manufacturing.

This report will highlight the latest developments featuring the best wool qualities available in the market.

This section will highlight the latest wool trends as highlighted through The Woolmark Company’s THE WOOL LAB presenting color cards, wool trend themes, international wool collections, including contact data for Première Vision and other trade shows.

“Woolmark is always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate the benefits of wool to the fashion and apparel industries,” said Robert Langtry, Global Strategy and Marketing Officer of The Woolmark Company. “This partnership with Stylesight will provide a valuable platform to highlight wool’s unique properties, as well as advancements in our industry.”

“There is a strong demand from our subscribers for forward-looking insights into the world’s leading fibers,” said Franklin Bober, Founder and CEO of Stylesight. “The Woolmark Company is a natural partner for us as we continue to deliver rich, proprietary content across the world. Together, we will offer tools to help our readers stay ahead in the marketplace.”

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QUMAS Compliance Platform Chosen by Emergent BioSolutions to Manage Quality Across the Organization

Cork, Ireland – October 11, 2012

QUMAS today announced that Emergent BioSolutions Inc. (NYSE: EBS), a global biopharmaceutical company based in Maryland, USA, has selected the QUMAS Compliance Platform to manage regulatory documents and quality processes across the organization.

"QUMAS met all of Emergent BioSolution's selection criteria as we evaluated quality management solutions to replace our legacy system," said Denise Landry, Chief Quality Officer of Emergent BioSolutions. “QUMAS has a demonstrated track record of service to the biopharmaceutical industry and we look forward to benefiting from their quality solutions and experience."

In the initial phase of the project, QUMAS DocCompliance™ and QUMAS Compliance Unity™ will be deployed to a broad range of Emergent users as a replacement to their current system, to enable them to continue to manage quality and regulatory content as it is created, reviewed, approved, consumed, distributed, and retired in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

“QUMAS is delighted to add Emergent BioSolutions to our growing list of clients," said Kevin O'Leary, CEO QUMAS. "It was evident from the outset of our engagement that we are the right fit for Emergent, and we’re looking forward to continuing to deploy successfully across the company.”

QUMAS is the leader in Compliance and Quality Management Solutions for the Life Sciences industry, with more than 270 global customer deployments and domain expertise in regulatory compliance since 1994.

QUMAS Quality Management solutions provide Electronic Document Management (SOPs, QA documents), Electronic Process Management (CAPA, Deviation, Change Control, Audit), and GMP Compliance Management.

QUMAS Regulatory Affairs solutions provide content and Submission Management including eCTD authoring templates, collaborative review, full integration with leading publishing solutions, scanning, and automated import of paper documents. The QUMAS Compliance Platform is available on Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and EMC Documentum.

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Prosper Names Josh Tonderys Chief Risk Officer

Tonderys Joins from Barclaycard US to Oversee all Aspects of Credit Risk Management.

SAN FRANCISCO – OCTOBER 3, 2012 – Prosper, a leading peer-to-peer lending marketplace, today announced the appointment of Josh Tonderys as Chief Risk Officer. In this role, Mr. Tonderys will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of credit risk management and will report directly to Prosper COO Kirk Inglis.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Josh’s caliber join the Prosper team,” said Dawn Lepore, CEO, Prosper. “Prosper is experiencing significant growth, recently reporting its largest loan origination month in history, as well as 37 consecutive months of positive returns for investors on our platform. Josh brings directly relevant credit experience and leadership to the Prosper team, which is a huge asset as we move into our next phase of accelerating borrower and investor adoption.”

“Having Josh in the role of Chief Risk Officer is an outstanding addition to the Prosper leadership team,” said Nigel Morris, Co-founder of Capital One, Prosper Board Member and Head of the Prosper Credit Risk Committee. “Josh’s experience in risk management and customer acquisition at Barclays will bring valuable knowledge and perspective to Prosper as the company continues to grow in today’s complex environment.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Prosper at a point when peer-to-peer lending is taking off,” said Mr.Tonderys. “Prosper is in a unique position to provide a great option for responsible borrowers while providing investors direct profitable access to the consumer loan market.”

Mr.Tonderys brings more than 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. Most recently, he was Senior Director and responsible for the Open Market business at Barclaycard US, the largest portfolio segment with1.2 million customers and assets of over $2.5 billion. In this role, Mr. Tonderys oversaw strategy, analytics, and growth initiatives for the Barclaycard branded credit card portfolio. While at Barclaycard, Mr.Tonderys was also the Head of Acquisitions and Portfolio Risk, where he was responsible for setting analytical credit risk strategies for Acquisitions and Portfolio Risk Management, as well as Head of Collections Strategy. Prior to Barclaycard, Mr.Tonderys held various credit risk roles at BankOne, now Chase Card Services.

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iPipeline Announces Appointment of Paul Melchiorre as New President

Exton, PA — 10/02/2012

Key Role to Encompass Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product Management, and Partnerships

iPipeline®, the leader in on-demand marketing, selling and processing solutions for the nation's top insurance carriers, distributors and producers, today announced the appointment of Paul Melchiorre (formerly Global Vice President at Ariba and Senior Vice President Global Accounts at SAP) as President of iPipeline. Paul replaces Bill Butler, who played a key role in accelerating iPipeline's growth in the US Insurance Industry and is currently pursuing a CEO career aspiration.

"Paul comes to us from Ariba, where he served as Global Vice President and Advisor to the CEO and established Ariba as the leader in cloud-based business-to-business commerce. During his tenure at Ariba, Paul built outstanding global field organizations for sales, implementation, services, alliances and channel relationships. I am confident that the transition to Paul will be smooth for our customers, employees and partners," said Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline.

"iPipeline's vision and industry leadership has supported remarkable growth during the past 4 years. The ability to leverage one platform to achieve an all-product and all-channel strategy is unmatched among industry competitors," said Paul Melchiorre, President, iPipeline. "In today’s environment, working better, smarter and faster is just not enough. Pulling the channel together via a network that enhances collaboration and insight for all members is true innovation. iPipeline has a lot to offer, and I am excited about leading their effort to transform the global insurance industry."

"Paul is joining iPipeline at a critical time for the insurance sales distribution software industry," said Chuck Johnson, Research Director, Celent Insurance North America. "In today's environment, shifting consumer and agent demands are raising the bar for how insurers conduct business electronically. He is joining a company that has a broad base of on-demand solutions which meet many insurers' needs."

Prior to Ariba, Paul joined SAP as employee 200 in the USA assisting in the early global deployments of SAP R3. As Senior Vice President of Global accounts, he and his group were responsible for over 85% of the company revenue and helped to establish SAP as the global leader in enterprise software. Paul also led industry initiatives supporting SAP's vertical strategy that enabled it to dominate many industries on a global basis.

A resident of Philadelphia, Paul has also held key management positions at MAI Basic Four and ADP. He has an MBA from Drexel University and completed undergraduate work at Villanova University. Paul serves on a number of advisory boards for non-profits and emerging technology firms.

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Neverfail® Appoints Martin Mackay as New CEO

AUSTIN, Texas – September 20, 2012 – Neverfail®, a leading global software company specializing in affordable continuous availability and disaster recovery solutions, today announced the appointment of Martin Mackay as chief executive officer. Mackay is an experienced international software executive with experience across a broad range of companies, including both large global enterprise technology companies and early stage ventures.  His appointment signifies the start of a new phase of growth for Neverfail. The company is poised to capitalize on the significant spike in market demand for disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, driven in large part by the mainstream adoption of cloud computing.

"Neverfail has a robust footing based on a strong existing customer base and a healthy pipeline of product innovation,” said Mackay. “I’ve worked with companies at this inflection point before, and see tremendous opportunity to fuel our growth by capitalizing on the burgeoning market opportunity in front of Neverfail.”

Mackay was previously CEO of Calyx Managed Services, where he took the company from administration to growth and profitability.  Mackay has also held international general management, sales and marketing, and business development leadership positions with VeriSign, NorthgateArinso and PeopleSoft, as well as spent time in the early stage world with the venture capital firm Add Partners.

In his role as CEO of Neverfail, Mackay will build on the foundation set by Peter Parker, former CEO, who has left Neverfail.  Karen Slatford, chairperson of Neverfail, said, "We are delighted to have attracted someone of Martin's experience to Neverfail.  He will bring global leadership and strategy experience to enable us to take advantage of the strong market opportunity before us."  She added, "On behalf of the Board, I should like to thank Peter Parker for his hard work over the last five years.  Peter has established Neverfail as a leading provider of business continuity solutions and we wish him well in his future endeavors."

Simon Clark, managing partner at Fidelity Growth Partners and investor in Neverfail, added, "The Board has great ambition for Neverfail.  We see significant opportunity globally with the new product strategy we are putting in place and are very pleased to have Martin on board to lead the business.

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Stylesight Expands Executive Team with New Sales & Marketing Management

September 18, 2012 – New York, NY – Stylesight, the industry-leading global content and technology solution for professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors, announces the latest additions to its international Executive Team with key hires for the global marketing and sales divisions.

Jerry Inman will serve as Senior Vice President, Global Marketing based in Stylesight’s New York headquarters; and will oversee a globally focused NY-based Marketing team with regional Marketing Directors based in London, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo.

Al Kilgour has been named Senior Vice President of Sales Asia Pacific, based in Dubai; and will oversee all Asia Pacific sales teams, as well as liaise with channel partners in Mainland China, Korea and Japan.

Gurinder Singh will serve as Director of Sales EMEA, based in Stylesight’s London headquarters; and will oversee the European sales teams.

“There has never been a better time in Stylesight’s history than now to prepare for exponential growth,” said Frank Bober, Founder & CEO, Stylesight. “Stylesight’s leading inspirational content, commitment to creativity and next generation technology solutions, present global business opportunities unparalleled for Stylesight and for the creative segment of our industry. I am pleased to announce our continuing investment in the right human capital and resources, starting with the right Executive Team to help guide and further drive our business.”


Jerry Inman, SVP Global Marketing

Mr. Inman is a seasoned executive with a strong track record of driving global market share, revenue growth, and increasing brand equity. As SVP Global Marketing, he’ll be responsible for leading that charge across the organization, working closely with the global sales teams.

Prior to joining Stylesight, Mr. Inman served as CMO at 7thonline, the leading provider of omni-channel planning and demand forecasting to the retail industry. He was VP of Marketing at Lectra, the leading professional design and PLM technology provider to the fashion industry, as well as an 18-year marketing executive at Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence and integration software technologies.


Al Kilgour, SVP Sales APAC

Mr. Kilgour is an internationally experienced sales leader with a history of successfully building direct and partner revenue streams. Taking on the role of SVP Sales Asia Pacific, he’ll be responsible for the fastest growing market segment in the industry.

Prior to joining Stylesight, Mr. Kilgour served as VP, Sales at Intralinks, the leading global provider of SaaS solutions for securely managing content and exchanging critical business information. Prior to that, he held a variety of senior management roles at New Jersey-based software maker Commvault, the leader in the data management, storage and archiving market.


Gurinder Singh, Director of Sales EMEA

Mr. Singh is a seasoned executive and commercial strategist with a successful track record in revenue growth, as well as accelerating customer acquisition, retention and yield. He’ll be responsible for leading that charge for Stylesight throughout Europe.

Prior to joinig Stylesight, Mr. Singh served as the Commercial Director for EMAP, a market-leading content provider for business communities worldwide. Prior, he was Sales Director at Graydon, one of the world’s leading credit and risk intelligence companies.

This announcement comes on the heels of Stylesight’s editorial expansion, now delivering over 350 new, in-depth proprietary reports across nine markets, each month. In addition, Stylesight has completely revamped its consumer-facing blog and social media channels, offering free access to real-time reports on runway trends and behind-the-scenes Fashion Week news. With more than nine million images on its site, and growing daily, Stylesight offers the most comprehensive coverage of trend and runway news in the world, supported by the most innovative platform and technology solutions in the industry.

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Ensighten Closes $15.5 Million in Series A Financing, Led by Volition Capital

CUPERTINO, Calif., September 12, 2012: Ensighten, innovator of enterprise tag management systems that optimize Web analytics and digital marketing performance while ensuring privacy compliance, has closed $15.5 million Series A financing. Volition Capital led the round with participation from Eastern Advisors and Floodgate Fund.

The funding enables Ensighten to accelerate product development, expand sales and marketing operations, and hire talent to ignite its next phase of growth. This endorsement by three prominent venture capital firms with reputations for spotting first-movers in rapid-growth markets highlights Ensighten’s increasing leadership in the tag management and digital marketing sector.

“We see huge potential for our tag management solutions as digital marketers are rapidly embracing Ensighten products to accelerate website performance and increase agility in managing third-party digital marketing services,” said Ensighten CEO Josh Manion. “We’re extremely pleased that these investors share our vision for Ensighten’s future.”

“Today’s marketers strive to engage their customers across all digital channels. Ensighten’s advanced tag management technology enables marketers to quickly and easily manage a complex array of digital marketing tools across all of these touch points,” said Larry Cheng, managing partner and co-founder of Volition Capital. “Ensighten’s tag management architecture distinguishes it as the enterprise leader, and gives major brands a significant online advantage. Josh’s deep experience with enterprise tag deployment, clear product vision, and Ensighten’s outstanding management team make Ensighten the foremost opportunity in this field.”

In a recent report,[1] Forrester Research Inc. stressed the importance of effective tag management for crucial customer intelligence and interactive marketing initiatives, and recognized Ensighten as a “highly innovative” enterprise tag management system. Forrester noted that “adoption is soaring” as marketers deploy tag management to implement and maintain the data-collection instrumentation that is essential for modern analytics and marketing execution. Forrester’ research found that tag management is delivering on its promise, enabling marketers to achieve significant and measurable improvements in productivity.

Leading brands turn to Ensighten to accelerate core digital marketing functions

Ensighten delivers tag management services for more than ten percent of the Internet Retailer 100(including two of the top five companies listed on the index). Ensighten’s customer portfolio includes A&E Networks, LendingTree, Lenovo, Microsoft Stores, Monster, Sony, and Subaru. Dell, Orchard Brands, Scholastic, Thomson-Reuters, TUI and Verizon have been added in recent months. Ensighten technology is now deployed across 25,000 customer website domains, with its cloud-based Tag Delivery Network currently serving 300 billion tags per quarter, a figure that increases by 40 percent each quarter. Ensighten recently powered the tag management for a major U.S. news outlet covering a global sports competition in London, delivering more than 2 billion digital marketing tags across Web, video and mobile over a two-week period.

Ensighten experiences rapid growth as it expands into new markets and sectors

Ensighten has seen tremendous growth in demand for its enterprise-class tag management solutionsfor the integration and optimization of digital marketing services such as Web analytics, ad networks, social sharing and conversion pixels. The company’s technology is commonly embedded into websites, mobile apps and online video. Recent company highlights include:

  • Expansion into Europe with the opening of Ensighten’s EMEA office in London. Since opening the office in May 2012, headcount has doubled to 12, and notable British brands Ferguson, Norgren, RAC and TUI and have been added to the customer roster.
  • Doubling of office space at the company’s US headquarters to accommodate hiring in sales, marketing, and engineering.
  • A competitive win at Subaru, where Ensighten decreased homepage load time on by 2.7 seconds, compared to the incumbent tag management vendor whose product is based on inefficient, container tag architecture.
  • Deployment of new technology to enable marketers and publishers to comply with online privacy and adopt best practices is recognized by the Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll.
  • Expansion of executive team with appointments of aQuantive veterans Andrew Thomas and Naomi Kagan to VP engineering and VP client services, respectively.


Ensighten’s enterprise tag management and privacy solutions enable the world’s largest enterprises to manage their websites more effectively. Ensighten’s industry-leading tag management platform replaces hundreds of lines of code per Web page with a single line of code, and empowers marketers with an easy-to-use Web interface that lets them quickly add, remove or manage any third-party service such as Web analytics tags or advertising pixels. Ensighten’s global Tag Delivery Network serves over 750 billion tags annually to more than 25,000 Web domains across 150 countries, accelerating page-load times and handling more than $25 billion in ecommerce for top brands that include A&E Networks, LendingTree, Lenovo, Microsoft Stores, Monster, Sony, and Subaru. Visit us on the Web at, and follow Ensighten on and Twitter@ensighten.

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