Kimberly-Clark Partners with to Streamline their Sourcing

ATLANTA January 17, 2013

Kimberly-Clark desired to have a software platform to enable them to connect with their supply chain more efficiently.  They leveraged’s cloud-based e-sourcing and supplier management tool, LiveSource, to enhance their business and better connect with their supply chain.

LiveSource provides Kimberly-Clark with the technology infrastructure necessary to achieve global supply management excellence.  The LiveSource platform is both configurable and scalable and uses open standards with a design easily integrated with other technology systems.  LiveSource is an on-demand solution that eliminates the need for technology investments on the part of the user.  LiveSource is fully integrated in the industry’s largest and most trusted supplier marketplace that shortens the cycle time for most sourcing projects.

“By using the platform, our team was able to be much more efficient. We used to accomplish around 100 RFQs a year.  Now, we can complete around 5,000-6,000 projects without increasing headcount whatsoever,” said Mark J. Rosenquist, North America Procurement with Kimberly-Clark.  “The more bids we are able to perform, the more cost savings we see.  Additionally, having the virtual marketplace of qualified suppliers is invaluable.”

Kimberly-Clark continues to lead the market in exploring new and more efficient methods to oversee and manage their supply chain.  Utilizing LiveSource is another step in their efforts to maintain a competitive edge.

“Kimberly-Clark has been a strategic partner of ours over the years and we are excited to continue our relationship with them through our LiveSource product,” said Mitch Free, founder and CEO of

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