Target Company Characteristics

+   Meaningful Founder Ownership: 20%+
+   Solid Revenue Base: $5 Million - $25+ Million+ 
+   High Growth: 25%-100%+ Revenue Growth
+   Capital Efficient: Near Breakeven to Profitable
+   Aspirations for Greatness

Target Investment Characteristics

∙ $5 Million - $40 Million Investment
∙ Growth/Acquisition Capital, Shareholder Liquidity
∙ Board Position
∙ Meaningful Minority Position
∙ Shared Alignment and Vision


We partner with the founders of innovative technology companies.

Volition Capital is a growth equity firm that principally invests in high potential, founder-owned companies across different technology sectors.  Our firm specializes in partnering with founders to help them achieve their fullest aspirations for their business.  

One form of partnership comes through investing capital for the purposes of accelerated growth, strategic acquisitions, and shareholder liquidity.  Another form of partnership comes simply from bringing all of our resources to bear to help our founders be successful –  we call this  "Capital +."  

Our team has 75 years of collective investing experience helping dozens of companies navigate to successful IPOs and acquisitions.  Assets invested in the existing portfolio of 22 companies are approximately $400 million.  Much of our success has come from investing in capital efficient technology companies in sectors such as: software, Internet, information services, and tech-enabled services.  We strongly gravitate towards high growth companies that have demonstrated traction in the market and are looking for a partner to help them achieve clear market leadership.

At Volition Capital, we admire founders.  We believe that for every company there is only one founding moment and one founding team. Founders were there when the light bulb went off.  They took the leap to start the company from nothing more than an idea.  They breathed life and capital into the company by any means possible.  Founders are the ones who will put the company on their back if necessary to carry it forward.  The commitment of the founder to the success of their business is unparalleled.  

We work with founders who have made the transition from a concept to a business.  The transition from having an idea on a piece of paper to having real products, customers, revenue and, in some cases, break-even profitability has taken place.  Most of the founders we invest in are at a crossroads when we first meet.  Many of them recognize that the market opportunity is bigger than they imagined and believe that with growth capital, they could decisively claim market leadership.  Others see a strategic acquisition that could substantially expand the potential for the company.  Still others may be big believers in their business, but at the same time have some residual concern about having their entire net worth tied up in a single business.  

This crossroads is the focus of Volition Capital.  We partner with founders to help them achieve their fullest aspirations.