The +'s

Volition Capital takes a unique approach to growth equity investing, an approach that can best be described as “Capital +”.

Capital + means we're focused on more than investing. We’re focused on creating true partnerships – the kind that result in healthy companies that help fuel a healthy economy. So in addition to capital, we provide all the knowledge and resources you need to build a company with a long, promising future.

Capital + Commitment

We partner with a select number of companies that we are confident we can help grow. To those few companies, we commit our partners’ skills, connections, and expertise, and can tap into our vast operational experience to help accelerate growth.


Capital + Know-How

We provide, practical, real-world business expertise in areas including operations, sales and marketing, business planning, and organizational development. Because, when you’re building a business, what you need most is the know-how to get things done.


Capital + Vision

Sometimes vision means seeing opportunities for your business that you may not have considered. Other times, vision means having the good sense to support you in the daily running of your business, giving you the time and freedom to look at the big picture. 


Capital + Flexibility

At Volition Capital, we have the flexibility to invest in founder-owned businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. 


Capital + A Global Network

We maintain deep relationships with firms in Europe, China and India and actively leverage international resources on behalf of our portfolio companies.


Capital + Connections

We have powerful contacts in virtually every industry and every country around the world. So whatever your business, we can introduce you to the right people and opportunities at the right moment.


Capital + Chemistry

When you have passion, trust, and respect on both sides of the equation, you have chemistry – the kind that generates strong, fruitful partnerships and fuels growth. That’s why strong chemistry between partners and founders is a key element in the Volition Capital selection process.