Roger's Highlights

Brings tenacity and perseverance to all of his portfolio companies

Passionate about helping founders transform their business potential

Began his career at Arthur Anderson in both auditing and corporate finance

+ Helped lead GE Capital’s enter into venture investing, completing approximately 10 transactions in four years

+ Helped established a new growth equity technology practice area at Fidelity Ventures and Apax in the U.S

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Roger's Story

"The Will to Win."


Henry Beecher said, “The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't”.

If you asked any of Roger’s former colleagues, they would attest to his perseverance. In fact, even Roger’s portfolio company CEOs would claim the same thing. And then some.

A self-proclaimed chess geek, Roger graduated Syracuse University in 1987 after which he joined the audit team at Arthur Anderson, believing that accounting would give him a strong foundation from which to judge a company’s operational outlook.

After spending six years at Arthur Anderson, which included time both auditing and working in a newly established Corporate Finance Group, Roger left and headed off to the Wharton School of Business.

“Going into business school, my goal was to pursue an investment banking career. I felt that it would enhance my deal related experience and allow me to take my skills to the next level”.

In 1995, Roger joined Chase but left shortly thereafter to join GE Capital. It was at GE Capital that Roger discovered his true passion: investing in technology companies. While at GE, he helped build the Technology Ventures group.

“At the time, GE Capital wanted to get into ventures in a big way. I was really excited about it and the overall ventures business which quickly grew to 100 people.”

In four years, Roger led many transactions including Commerce One, OpenSite Technologies and Multex. 

“My time at GE Capital was like ‘venture training boot camp.’ It was very intense and fast-paced.”

Roger’s next move took him to Patricof and Co. (now Apax Partners) where he helped establish a new growth equity technology practice area in the U.S. - a rather contrarian move at that time for a venture firm. Although Roger initially focused on early-stage investments in the software and technology-enabled services sector (the focus of the firm at that time), he came to believe that Apax should expand into growth equity deals.

Known for seeing value in investment opportunities that others may not immediately recognize, Roger developed conviction around a company called RealPage - believing in the property management technology opportunity and in its founder. Roger spent many days and nights building a rapport with the founder and convincing Apax that it was a sound investment. Simply put, Roger believed that with an infusion of capital and some value-added investor support, RealPage could expand and become the leader in its segment. The investment thesis has played out great.

Roger's passion for growth equity led him to join Fidelity Ventures to help establish a growth equity practice. Through proactive outreach, Roger quickly honed in on his first deal while at Fidelity Ventures, GeoLearning. “This particular portfolio company had so much going for it – a CEO with vision who was the heart and soul of the company, a great management team, an on-demand offering, a happy customer base – that I was confident they could take the next step."

In 2010, Roger helped to found Volition Capital. His passion for helping founders transform their businesses only continues to grow. "Capital+ is really what we are all about."

Roger is married to his college sweetheart Fawn, has two precious kids (Austyn and Jarrett), a dog Rufus and a cat Sasha. Roger is a big Jets fan and causes angst around the office with his Yankee pinstripes.