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Capital+ Gaming

At Volition, we understand that gaming is culture, and we look to partner with entrepreneurs who are poised to make an outsized impact on the industry via massive scale.


Volition Capital invests in gaming companies and platforms that actively advance the way games are developed, marketed, distributed, played, and spectated. We believe most investors in our space under appreciate the radical influence of gaming on broader consumer culture. At Volition, we understand that gaming is culture, and we look to partner with entrepreneurs who are poised to make an outsized impact on the industry via massive scale.

Why We’re Getting Involved

Advancements in technology have revolutionized every aspect of the gaming industry. We believe these changes have fundamentally improved the gaming experience and made it more player-centric. In particular, the explosion of live gaming has shifted publishers’ focus from blockbuster game releases to ongoing player engagement. The result has been a rise in B2B and B2C platforms that are designed to maximize this engagement and ultimately deliver a better gaming experience.

We believe that today’s generation of gaming entrepreneurs are building superior games and gaming services that establish passionate, long-term consumer relationships. These companies are a natural fit for our focus at Volition Capital.

What We Believe

We look for catalyst moments that fundamentally change a consumer’s relationship with a product category. We have seen the gaming industry undergo a cascade of transformative changes that have further elevated the role of gaming in players’ lives, making it even more core to identity and self-expression. We believe the next great consumer internet company will be built in the gaming space.


Some of our areas of focus are listed below, but we are open to meeting founders tackling all aspects of the gaming ecosystem. 

  • Competitive gameplay
  • eSports fan engagement
  • Player coaching
  • Cloud gaming
  • Game-based communities
  • Influencer / creator tools
  • Live game operations
  • Real money skill gaming
  • MMOGs / MILEs

Volition brings a unique perspective to gaming companies given our experience scaling consumer internet businesses to $1 billion+ in revenue – repeatedly. Combined with our heritage in software investing, we are experts in partnering with entrepreneurs as they scale their businesses 100x while maintaining the discipline of a DTC-minded investor in terms of efficient user acquisition at scale.

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