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Ensighten Partners with iJento To Accelerate High-Resolution Digital Intelligence for Marketers

SALT LAKE CITY, March 5, 2013 — [Adobe Summit 2013]: Ensighten, innovator ofReal-Time™ Tag Management Systems, has partnered with iJento, a provider of advanced digital and multichannel customer intelligence solutions. The partnership includes collaboration on technical and commercial levels, and applies the combined power of the two companies’ technologies to solve a crucial challenge faced by digital marketers: understanding how individual customers are interacting with a brand across its various websites, mobile apps, and offline.

The partnership, announced today at the Adobe Summit digital marketing conference, is of special significance to businesses that use Adobe® SiteCatalyst®. By taking advantage of the Data Layer and new Visual Tagger features of Ensighten Manage 2.0, web analysts can easily replicate and synchronize the tag settings of SiteCatalyst and iJento, enabling clickstream data to be fed directly into iJento’s SQL Server datamart — from which valuable, multichannel and multi-device customer behavior can be derived.

“The rapid adoption of leading tag management systems such as Ensighten’s is enabling organizations to collect a richer set of data than ever before,” said Bob Healy, head of business development at iJento. “Our partnership with Ensighten enables the integration of this rich data into the iJento digital intelligence platform, so that marketers can obtain a single customer view across all devices and channels.”

“Our partnership with iJento is terrific news for marketers that are leveraging Ensighten to drive data collection with more powerful analysis and reporting capabilities,” said David Saxon, VP of partnerships at Ensighten. “The integration of Ensighten with iJento makes it incredibly easy to enrich SiteCatalyst data with iJento’s advanced insights, and ensures the two technologies are in lock-step. This is a huge step forward for analytics professionals — and especially for advanced SiteCatalyst users.”

To simplify the deployment of iJento’s technology on high-traffic websites, Ensighten has integrated specific iJento tags into Ensighten Manage 2.0, its real-timeenterprise-class tag management system. This integration dramatically reduces the time to set up, deploy and manage an iJento Digital Intelligence Platform, reduces the cost and complexity of related analytics projects, and thus brings advanced website and visitor analytics within reach of every online business that strives to maximize the value of its digital marketing campaigns. As an Ensighten partner, iJento has joined Ensighten Connect, giving it access to exclusive services, training, and expertise in tag management and data collection, as well as other benefits such as co-marketing opportunities.

iJento Digital Intelligence Platform enables a true, granular understanding of customer behavior

iJento delivers its clients the best technology solutions and consulting services that help digital marketers overcome key challenges:

  • Accessing visitor-level web customer data
  • Integrating online and offline data
  • Analyze multichannel and multi-device data via any BI tool
  • Performing richer forms of analytics, such as predictive modeling, KPI forecasting and advanced segmentation
  • Building customized dashboards and reports