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Ensighten Previews Windows 8 Mobile Phone Support at DAA Seattle Symposium


CUPERTINO, Calif, November 7, 2012: As Microsoft Corp. begins shipment of Windows 8, and dozens of hardware vendors announce Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors, Ensighten is planning to bring its mobile tag management technology to the Windows 8 platform so that publishers, game developers and marketers can gain insight into mobile app usage and campaign performance on the latest range of mobile devices.

Ensighten, innovator of enterprise tag management systems and visitor privacy solutions that optimize web analytics and digital marketing performance, previewed upcoming support for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 mobile platforms at the fall DAA Seattle Symposium, held on the Microsoft Campus. Windows support will be added to a forthcoming version of Ensighten Mobile 2.0, which will boost the marketing agility of publishers and businesses that seek real-time insights into how their mobile apps are being accessed and used.

Ensighten Mobile 2.0 leverages Ensighten’s single line of code technology to enable comprehensive, real-time tagging of any mobile app without requiring developers to integrate proprietary SDKs or compile tags into a Win8 mobile app. For compatibility with an enterprise’s existing tools, Ensighten Mobile 2.0 supports all major enterprise Web analytics platforms.

“Ensighten is committed to making it a technical no-brainer to easily integrate any enterprise’s Web analytics tool into their mobile apps — without the need to use an SDK and recompile,” said Des Cahill, VP of marketing at Ensighten. “We’re looking forward to working with Web analytics and digital marketing professionals as they add Windows 8 mobile analytics to their campaign performance dashboard, and eliminate separate silos for mobile and Web analytics data.”

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