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Forbes on BURST Oral Care: How To Enjoy The Dog Days Of Summer With Style

Volition Press
Burst sonic

Volition portfolio company BURST Oral Care was recently featured in a Forbes roundup of top brands and products to help consumers keep their cool during the dog days of summer.

Read the excerpt below:

The dog days of summer is the period from the end of July extending all the way until the end of August. Historically, the ancient Romans named the period following heliacal rising related to the star system Sirius; “diēs caniculārēs” english translation “dog days.” Sirius was known as the dog star. In fact, Hellenistic astrology proclaimed that this period brought upon great heat, thunderstorms and mad dogs.

Now then; just because we are now living in the dog days of summer, doesn’t mean we have to lose our cool. The easiest way to look great in the summer is by combining comfort with effortless sophistication. Now more than ever, consumers are eco-conscious. So much so, that it is many times the determinant whether or not to place in the e-commerce shopping cart. This season’s offerings are lightweight and semi-slim cut. Fashion and grooming for men never looked better with a relaxed yet polished fit that carries you from a day at the beach to a quiet summer sunset.

Burst Sonic toothbrush

BURST Sonic Toothbrush is the ultimate product to bring in the summer with and add to your morning routine. Part of a self-care regimen, the BURST Sonic Toothbrush has been clinically proven to remove up to 10x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Recommended by 30,000 dental professionals, the toothbrush has super soft charcoal infused PBT nylon bristles, designed to remove surface stains and give you whiter teeth. Find your perfect partner with the three wise modes – whitening, sensitive and massage. The base package is $69.99 for the toothbrush, base, charger, and your first toothbrush head, and if you sign up to the subscription program, you’ll get replacement heads delivered every 90 days for $6.

To read the full article click here.

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