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Lucy Lee
Vice President

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”
– Lucille Ball


Lucy joined Volition in 2020 and focuses on investing in enterprise software companies in the Internet of Things, process automation, and infrastructure spaces.

Current Investment Experience
Grow with Precision

“The best part about being an investor is that by having skin in the game, we are afforded the opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the word. For us, making an investment merely marks the beginning of a long-term partnership.

I love that the journey ahead is both exciting and challenging especially at the growth stage. That element of uncertainty compels us to stay creative, innovative and agile as we partner with our entrepreneurs to help their businesses reach their fullest potential.”

More About Lucy
  • Before joining Volition, Lucy was an investor in the Goldman Sachs Growth Equity team in San Francisco where she focused on making growth stage investments in enterprise software businesses. During her time there, she helped close a $250mm Series A investment in Automation Anywhere and a $37mm Series C investment in Cogito.

  • She began her career as an analyst in Goldman’s Industrials Investment Banking Group in New York.

  • Lucy obtained her BA in Comparative Literature from Princeton where she specialized in French and Chinese and wrote her senior thesis about KFC in China. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • Lucy hails from the land Down Under (Brisbane) and will always look forward to celebrating Christmas on a beach
  • She is named after the show “I Love Lucy”
  • Lucy is the queen of 80s karaoke, though her best performance might still be her college acapella rendition of “Long Train Runnin’” by the Doobie Brothers (harmonica solo included)
  • She and her brother grew up watching The Simpsons every night at 6 pm before dinner. This was an informal American education of sorts
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