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Wells Johnstone
Wells Johnstone

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose”

–Dolly Parton

Meet Wells Johnstone

Wells joined Volition Capital in 2022 as an analyst on the Software Team. She is responsible for sourcing and providing due diligence on new investment opportunities within software and tech-enabled service businesses.

prior experience & education
  • Wells graduated with a BS in Operations Research from the United States Naval Academy in 2022, where she was a Midshipman Supply Officer and a Squad Leader.
  • While at Navy, she was a member of the marathon team and was chosen as the head of the women’s team
  • In 2019, Wells completed Marine Corps Mountain Warfare School, where she studied squad assault tactics, patrols, squad infiltrations, and mountain SEAR techniques.
  • Wells taught herself to crochet and made her graduation dress.
  • Her grandparents had pet peacocks, and they used to hand her bags of hostess donuts and tell her to feed them. She still doesn’t know what food peacocks should eat, but she knows they prefer powdered donuts over chocolate-covered ones.
  • Wells can play the harmonica, but the only songs she knows are Wonderwall and the National Anthem.
Grow with Support

“I am excited to join Volition because doing work centered around learning and improving is extremely fulfilling to me. Being able to set other people and companies up with long term success by helping them grow and gain adaptability while experiencing the same thing for myself is an opportunity I can’t get anywhere else.”