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    Why Are Some Retailers Excelling While Others Are Struggling?
    Answer: The winners take risks to keep pace with the changing consumer. It was great once again to join CNBC ‘s Squawk Box during a busy week of retail earnings reports to discuss an intriguing question: Why are some major retailers running far ahead of the pack while others are gasping for breath? At issue: … Continued
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  • Larry on CNBC Squawk Box
    On Air
    Larry Cheng on CNBC Squawk Box: The State Of Retail
    Volition Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner Larry Cheng discusses the retail sector in a CNBC Squawk Box segment that also featured Pro4Ma CEO, Liz Dunn. Larry highlights several important themes heading into the holiday season, including how direct-to-consumer brands are winning with consumers and the importance of retailers to innovate with technology and embrace an … Continued
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