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    Criminals Use Official-Looking Coronavirus Forms to Spread Malware, Steal Passwords
    Dallas-area security firm Securonix said Tuesday its researchers were following malicious hackers working a number of coronavirus-related angles, including the use of weaponized covid-19 related documents in attacks on critical healthcare operations. It’s also seen a rise in attempts to capture security credentials from the world’s now-remotely employed workforce.
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    Ensighten CEO, Marty Greenlow, on Data Breaches in 2019 and The Future of Marketing Security
    Read full article in 3 key takeaways on Data Breaches and trends for 2019: 1) Data breaches will accelerate and follow broader industry shifts. It’s unlikely that we’ve seen the end or even the peak of data breach activity in the U.S. or abroad. Even as standards and security improve, we will see those … Continued
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