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    Company Updates
    Wall Street Journal: Drugmaker to Test Machine Learning to Prevent Drug Shortages
    “To sharpen its predictions, the company’s health-care division plans to start testing a cloud-based software platform later this year. The platform, made by North Reading, Mass.-based TraceLink Inc., can analyze in real time data points from various organizations within Merck’s supply chain, including pharmacies, hospitals and wholesale distributors.” By Sara Castellanos Read Article Merck KGaA plans … Continued
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    In the News
    Wall Street Journal: Larry Cheng on Why Venture Capitalists Talk About the Big Investments They Didn’t Make
    How does it feel to pass up the next Facebook? Or Lyft? Investors share their stories. Read the full article here. By Rob Curran Being a venture capitalist means placing bets. Sometimes you hit it big with a startup. Sometimes you lose everything. But sometimes you never place a bet at all—and end up missing out … Continued
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