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TechTarget: TraceLink Network Delivers Digital Supply Chain Visibility

by Lindsey Eckerd

Read full article from TechTarget here (by By Jim O’Donnell)



  • A new digital supply network developed by TraceLink promises to improve collaboration and visibility in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry supply chain.
  • The cloud-based TraceLink Network allows pharmaceutical companies and their business partners, suppliers and customers to collaborate and exchange data. This helps pharmaceutical manufacturers deal with regulations, including the U.S. FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) that requires all drugs to have a unique product identifier to promote visibility in the supply chain and counteract counterfeit or compromised drugs, according to John Bermudez, TraceLink general manager of Digital Network Platform [DNP].
  • The TraceLink DNP can help companies transcend the limitations of traditional ERP systems, which are often difficult to integrate, according to Roddy Martin, TraceLink’s chief digital strategist. “The DNP enables and codifies connectivity, collaboration on data sharing, and visibility, but it doesn’t replace the ERP systems,” Martin said. “If you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you can connect to a retail pharmacy on the platform, but your ERP system data is being fed into the platform and is fundamentally the fuel that drives the platform.”

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