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Duffl delivers snacks to college students in 10 minutes! The company started in a dorm room with the dream of empowering students to better serve each other.

RT @CurbivoreNews: @dufflstores' CEO shares how focusing on college campuses is a key to profitability -


Founded in 2019 by David Lin and Brian Le at UCLA, Duffl is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company is a delivery service based out of its own convenience store, which is run by students for students on college campuses across the country. Duffl was originally founded with the core belief that the secret to the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient delivery service is proximity.

Duffl uses data to wholesale the most high-margin, high-demand products and stores them in dark stores near our customers. When a student places an order on our website, the company delivers the products directly to them using electric scooters in an average of 10 minutes.

Today, Duffl is present on campuses of Arizona State University, University of Arizona, and University of Texas. Admirals and their employees fielded 35,000 orders in September from 11,000 students across those campuses..

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