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Former Chewy board member explains the company's advantage over Amazon

Larry Cheng on CNBC Squawk Box

Former Chewy.com board member and the company's first institutional investor Larry Cheng, who is also the co-founder and managing partner of Volition Capital, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss the website's IPO.

4 Ways to Get Existing Customers to Buy More

Larry Cheng on MSNBC Your Business

Your best source of revenue could actually be your existing customers. If you provide them with a good experience, chances are they’ll come back again. Larry Cheng with Volition Capital tells us how you can sell more to your current clients.

How to Pitch Investors

Larry Cheng on MSNBC Open Forum
When you are talking to investors, they’re not just looking at the company. They’re also looking at you. Are you able to confidently address all the questions they’ll have about your business? In this week’s Where’s the Money, Larry Cheng, a managing partner at Volition Capital, joins us. He tells us what to keep in mind when you are pitching to investors.

Record-Setting Valuations

CNBC Squawk Alley
Sean Cantwell discusses factors that helped drive record-setting startup valuations in 2014 on CNBC's Squawk Alley.

Perspectives on Internet Stalwarts

CNBC Squawk Alley
Larry Cheng joins the Squawk Alley panel to discuss Facebook's recent increase in spending, Alibaba's growth prospects, Apple Pay and more on CNBC.

Financing Your Business

Larry Cheng on MSNBC Open Forum
Larry Cheng, managing partner at Volition Capital, and Jennifer Shaheen, the president of The Technology Therapy Group, answer viewer questions about figuring out how to finance your company and how you can approach large retailers to build a rapport.



Advice for Entrepreneurs

Chronicle | WCVB  Feature on Volition Capital and its portfolio company Visual IQ.

Not All Customers Are Created Equal

Larry Cheng on MSNBC Open Forum
In this week’s Top Two Tips, Larry Cheng, managing partner at Volition Capital, and The Story Exchange’s Director of Digital Media Colleen DeBaise, join us. They share what magic number you should remember when you tweet and why not all customers are created equal.

Is the Tech Sector Slumping?

Larry Cheng on Fox Business
Larry Cheng discusses the challenging times many large cap technology companies are going through.



Do VCs Go With Gut or Data?

Larry Cheng on MSNBC
Larry Cheng offers advice to entrepreneurs on running their business.

The Next Big IPO

Larry Cheng on MSNBC
Larry Cheng discusses the technology IPO markets and the next big IPO

Social Media Valuations

Roger Hurwitz on First Business
Roger Hurwitz discusses social media valuations on First Business.

Better Your Biz

Larry Cheng on MSNBC Your Business
Larry Cheng discusses how entrepreneur's gain loyal customers early on.



Business Answers

Larry Cheng on MSNBC Your Business
Larry Cheng answers entrepreneur questions about managing growth and finding interested investors.

Microsoft's Acquisition of Skype

Sean Cantwell for NECN
Sean Cantwell discusses Microsoft's acquisition of Skype on NECN Business.

Finding the Right Investor

Larry Cheng on MSNBC
Larry Cheng discusses the importance on finding investors who really understand your business.

Emerging Tablet Computer Market

Sean Cantwell on NECN Business
Sean Cantwell discusses the emerging tablet market on NECN Business.