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Our Focus:
The Select Few

We invest in a small number of founder-owned, capital-efficient businesses that aspire to lead their markets – and have the proven chops to get there. When we invest, we do so in every sense of the word. This means we’re extremely selective. We’ve found that our best partners are, too.

What do we look for? The volition to grow.

Sectors of Focus:
    • Software

    Our heritage in SaaS and B2B technology gives our team insights into an industry that’s likely to see exponential increases in market spend in the coming years.

    • Internet

    Drawing on our B2B and SaaS experience, we provide valuable guidance to Consumer and B2B brands moving their services online to lower expenses and elevate the customer experience.

    • Consumer

    Our omnichannel focus sets us apart in the consumer space, where emerging businesses continue to take share from legacy brands in every major product category.

  • 20%+
    Meaningful founder ownership
    We look for passionate founders who want to retain a meaningful ownership of their businesses after we invest. We believe this shareholder alignment, specifically, is mission-critical for success.
    Show us that you have skin in the game. We’ll make it our number-one priority to help you build a successful business.
  • $5 Million - $50+ Million
    Solid revenue base
    We aim for 100% success for every company we work with—it’s one thing that sets us apart in our industry. This means we must be confident that we can help you grow from day-1, building off the successful foundation you'd already put in place.
    Show us your proven sales model, a solid product, and engaged customers. We’ll help you level up.
  • 25% - 100%+
    Revenue growth
    Founders come to us at a very specific stage of growth. They've discovered the secret sauce. They're growing rapidly. Then, there's an inflection point when more complex growth challenges - or opportunities - emerge.
    Show us your growth trajectory and how you’ll keep pace with the demands of growth. We’ll give you the support to meet your goals and lengthen your stride.
  • Capital Efficient
    Proven business model
    We seek founders who have built their businesses the old fashioned way: through scrappy smarts, elbow grease, and paying customers (not venture capital). When a business is capital-efficient from day-1 and demonstrates a proven business model, we find there's a lot more room to grow.
    Show us your bootstrapped roots. We’ll give you funding to help you grow to the sky.
  • Aspirations for Greatness
    Substantial Market Opportunity
    We are looking for hard-working, ambitious founders who want to change the game with proven products and technology that customers can't live without.
    Show us your aspirations for greatness and passion to win. We’ll be at your side on the path to the top.

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