Areas of Focus

 Software. Tech-Enabled-Services. Internet. Consumer.

Target Company Characteristics

+   Meaningful Founder Ownership: 20%+
+   Solid Revenue Base: $5 Million - $25+ Million 
+   High Growth: 25%-100%+ Revenue Growth
+   Capital Efficient: Near Breakeven to Profitable
+   Aspirations for Greatness

Target Investment Characteristics

∙ $5 Million - $40 Million Investment
∙ Growth/Acquisition Capital, Shareholder Liquidity
∙ Board Position
∙ Meaningful Minority Position
∙ Shared Alignment and Vision


Our Focus: helping founders go after their dreams without risking them.

Most of the founders we invest in are at a pivotal crossroads when we first meet. Many of them recognize that the market opportunity is bigger than they imagined and believe that with growth capital, they could decisively claim market leadership. Others see a strategic acquisition that could substantially expand the potential for the company. Still others are big believers in their business, but have residual concern about having their entire net worth tied up in a single business.

When it’s time to grow.

(However you want to grow).

Grow with Volition.

Company Profile

Volition Capital principally invests in high growth, founder-owned software, Internet and consumer companies.

We are a growth equity investor providing capital to founder-owned businesses that have aspirations for market leadership. The following are some of the characteristics that we look for in the companies we invest in:

Meaningful Founder Ownership: 20%+

We principally invest in companies where the founder(s) maintains a large ownership (20%+) in the company.  Often times, the founder(s) may be the largest or majority shareholder in the company.  We believe meaningful founder ownership creates immediate alignment with all shareholders - a key element of success. 

Solid Revenue Base: $5 Million-$50 Million+

Our focus is on investing in great businesses, not just great concepts.  We look for at least $5 million of quality revenue inclusive of a growing list of referenceable customers.  Quality revenue is predictable, generates a high gross margin, and is diversified.  We value companies that have proven that their sales model and technology can work at a smaller scale, but need the capital to expand more aggressively to prove it on a larger scale.  

High Growth: 25%-100%+ growth

We are growth investors.  Our companies are generally growing 25%+ at the time of our investment and are often among the fastest growing companies in their industry.  We believe that few things validate a company’s position more than revenue growth and increasing market share.  Many of our companies have shown a history of extended year-over-year revenue growth.  

Capital Efficient: Near Break Even to Profitable

We prefer to invest in companies that don’t need external capital, but can benefit from taking it.  Most companies have already demonstrated leverage in the business (growing revenues faster than expenses) and are on their way to being cash flow positive.  We expect that barring expanded growth opportunities, our investment would be the last private capital required prior to reaching profitability.

Aspirations for Greatness

We are looking for companies that can be game changers.  Our companies bring disruptive technologies and applications to substantial market opportunities.  

Investment Profile

Volition Capital is a growth investor that partners with founders to build market leaders.

We are flexible investors willing to tailor our investment to fit the needs of each company. The following are some of the general characteristics of most investments: 

Investment Size: $5 Million - $50+ Million

Our objective is to invest in great companies led by great founders.  Beyond that, we are flexible on the amount of capital so that we can best cater to the company’s needs.  Our range in a single investment is $5 million to $50+ million.  We have a number of partners we work closely with if capital requirements exceed $50 million.  

Use of Proceeds: Growth or Acquisition Capital, Shareholder Liquidity

The primary use of proceeds for our companies is growth or acquisition capital.  By partnering with Volition Capital, our companies can attain market leadership more quickly and create a more valuable company over the long-run.  We also invest to create liquidity for other shareholders, including founders, in companies that have a proven track record of profitable growth.  

Involvement: Board Position

We want management teams to run their companies.  But, we also believe that we bring useful perspectives and contacts given our long history of seeing many companies succeed.  As a general rule, we lead or co-lead every investment and sit on the Board of Directors of the companies we invest in.  Our role on the Board is as a helpful, collaborative partner.  

Ownership: Meaningful Minority or Majority Position

We look for meaningful minority ownership or occasionally majority ownership in the companies we invest in.  We strongly desire to see founders and management maintain meaningful ownership after our investment and have strong alignment going forward with us as partners.

Intangible: Shared Alignment and Vision

We think it’s critical to have a common vision with the founder and the management team.  It is invaluable to be fully aligned on the goal and the path to get there.