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Business is Human
Our Ethos:
Business is Human

Call us crazy, but we believe that a revolutionary business – and the lives of those building it – should never be treated like an investors’ experiment.

Capital +

Ten years ago, we recognized an opportunity to help founders grow better. We took our fund experience and entrepreneurial drive and created Volition Capital. We built Volition based on a simple principle: founders should be able to go after their dreams without risking them.

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to help growth-stage businesses thrive and win by striking the balance between bold risks and measured actions.

Surely, we’re not for everyone. We keep our focus narrow, our team tight and our selectivity high. We admire all founders. However, the ones who work with us have an unrelenting commitment to the success of their business. It’s a level of commitment that we aspire to share with them – through the tough times as well as the triumphs. 

Our Mission

We exist to make an impact:

An everlasting impact on the lives of our founders.

A transformative impact on our portfolio companies.

A meaningful impact on the missions of our investors.

A positive impact on the world around us.

How we do it:

Big impact starts small. It’s in little choices we make every moment of every day. We expect our people – no matter what role they play at our firm – to make an impact in and through their day-to-day work. Each of them contributes to the profound impact we strive to make as Volition Capital.

Our Core Values

At the center of everything we do is our Core Values: