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Volition Capital invests in digital insurance companies that are disrupting the traditional incumbent carriers and value chain. As a value-add partner, Volition looks to partner with entrepreneurs that aspire to build a category leading brand.


What we offer: The volition to grow.

    • Misaligned Incentives 

    The incumbent insurance carriers’ business model is misaligned with customer incentives. Carriers are incentivized to avoid paying claims to drive revenue and profitability, which has resulted in tedious claims filing and settlement.

    • Outdated Distribution Model

    The traditional supply chain to distribute insurance was created before the advent of the internet and involves intermediary agents and brokers that all take a percentage commission of premiums. This has resulted in high overhead costs and driven up the price of insurance that can be reduced through online distribution.

    • Poor Customer Service 

    Traditional carriers lack the flexibility and technology infrastructure to provide services such as accelerated underwriting or claims management, resulting in long customer lead times for purchases and lengthy claims settlement timelines.

    • New Forms Of Speciality Insurance 

    Shifting trends and new technologies have created the need for new forms of specialty insurance such as ride sharing, renters, and cyber insurance where incumbent carriers lack a strong foothold.

    • Big Data and AI

    New sources of big data from customers, such as wearables, can generate insights into customer behavior, driving risk pricing and customer engagement. This new form of big data is being analyzed by AI to create efficiencies in the entire customer lifecycle.


  • 20%+
    Founder Ownership Meaningful Founder Ownership
    We look for passionate founders who want to retain a meaningful ownership of their businesses after we invest. We believe this shareholder alignment, specifically, is mission-critical for success.
  • $5 Million in Revenue
    Solid Revenue Base
    We aim for 100% success for every company we work with—it’s one thing that sets us apart in our industry. This means we must be confident that we can help you grow from day-1, building off the successful foundation you'd already put in place.
  • 25% Revenue Growth
    High Growth
    Founders come to us at a very specific stage of growth. They've discovered the secret sauce. They're growing rapidly. Then, there's an inflection point when more complex growth challenges - or opportunities - emerge.
  • Capital Efficient
    Proven Business Model
    We seek founders who have built their businesses the old fashioned way: through scrappy smarts, elbow grease, and paying customers. We are looking for entrepreneurs that have a proven business model with favorable unit economics poised for growth.
  • Aspirations for Greatness
    Substantial Market Opportunity
    We are looking for hard-working, ambitious founders who want to change the game with proven products and technology that customers can't live without.
Our Experience:

Volition provides a unique perspective to digital insurance companies given our experience investing in InsurTech companies serving large carriers, as well as our D2C investments that have efficiently acquired consumers at scale.

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