NEW INVESTMENT: Volition Capital Invests $25M in hackajob  Read More

VOLITION NEWS: Volition Capital Named Top 25 Growth Equity Firm  Read More

ANALYSIS: Rule of 40 Index: Year in Review  Read More

VOLITION UPDATE: Volition Capital Announces Closing of Volition Capital Fund V, L.P. with $675M in Capital Commitments  Read More

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Preview: Customer Contact 2023

Key Themes As we get ready for Customer Contact 2023, I wanted to take a few moments and share some of the key themes that I will be watching out for in Las Vegas in just a couple... more

Venture Capital and Baseball

Good Morning!Welcome back to The Volition View This week's edition features a thought piece from Volition Capital's Founding Partner, Roger Hurwitz, on the similarities between venture... more

Working with Volition Capital – Founder Stories | Black Kite

In this Founder Stories video, Paul Paget, CEO of Black Kite, shares his company's connection with Volition Capital Paget appreciates Volition's thoroughness before investment, including... more

The Black Kite Story – Founder Stories | Black Kite

In this video, Paul Paget, CEO of Black Kite, talks about the inception of the company and its journey to success The company was co-founded by Candan Bolukbas, who is trailblazing... more

What is Black Kite’s Approach to Growth – Founder Stories | Black Kite

In this Founder Stories video, Paul Paget, CEO of Black Kite, discusses the company's journey and mission to reduce cyber risk within an ecosystem of interconnected third-party companies He... more

Why Volition Invested in hackajob

Volition Capital Leads $25M Series B in hackajob While the biggest technology companies are currently performing mass layoffs, the demand for technical talent remains at a record high... more

Building a Team that Scales with Volition SVP Chris Fahey

OverviewIn this episode of Scaling Success, Volition Founding Partner Sean Cantwell interviews Chris Fahey, SVP of Talent at Volition During the interview, Chris discusses his role at... more

Exceptions to the Rule of 40

This piece is authored by Dave Gordon, Principal at Volition Capital  Introduction In April 2022, we shared our perspective on Exceptions to the Rule of 40 Now that we’re wrapping... more

The Great Wealth Transfer

Hello! We are excited to kick off this edition with an exciting update Last week, we received the news that Volition Capital has been named a "Top 25 Growth Equity Firm" by GrowthCap We... more

How Social Media is Changing the Consumer Startup Playbook

This piece is authored by Jim Ferry, Principal at Volition Capital Jim has been with the Volition team since 2014  and is responsible for evaluating and executing new investment... more

Volition Capital Named Top 25 Growth Equity Firm

We are excited to share that Volition Capital was named a Top 25 Growth Equity Firm for 2022 by GrowthCap! The full rankings can be found here GrowthCap defines their criteria for... more

Streaming Media: Jim Ferry on the State of Media Financing 2023

Last week, Jim Ferry, Principal at Volition Capital was featured in an article by Streaming Media on "The State of Media Financing 2023" Below, please find an excerpt from the piece where... more

ASU + GSV Summit 2023

Key Themes As we head into the ASU + GSV Summit 2023, we are excited to see the rise in technology and innovation striving for equitable access to education Here are three of themes that... more

RSA Conference 2023 Preview

RSAC 2023 IntroductionWe’re officially only a couple weeks away from RSAC 2023 and could not be more excited to be back on the exhibition floor catching up with old friends as well as... more

Four Questions With Black Kite

Pictured: Chuck Schauber, VP of Product and Strategy at Black Kite Introduction RSA is officially less than a month away, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone out in San... more