Mike Wilkens, Vice President of Finance

Capital + Insight

Mike focuses on Volition Capital’s investment funds including financial analysis, related operational aspects and reporting. Since 2000, he has held financial analyst positions at Fidelity Ventures, Columbia Management Group and Bank of America.

Mike has a M.B.A. from Boston College and a B.S. in Finance from Providence College.

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More About Mike

+  Is still hopeful that the Celtics will need a hand one day.

+  In the meantime, enjoys working with Limited Partners to provide transparency and information that is often desired but hard to get.

+  Michael has also held financial analyst positions at Bank of America, Columbia Management Group, and Fidelity Ventures.

Contact Mike

tel +1 617 830 2840
fax. +1 617 203 1283


Mike's Story

Mike determined math and numbers were his strength at an early age. “My math skills certainly did not help me realize the chances of playing for the Celtics.” Having finally realized playing in the NBA was unlikely, Mike went to Providence College in search of a major that would best fit his skills and interests. “When I selected finance as my major, the markets were in a historic run which added appeal. It seemed far more interesting than the engineering alternative.”

Mike’s first position after college was in the FleetBoston Financial’s, Finance Development Program. The 2 year program was designed as 3 or 4 month rotations in various finance departments. “The program enabled me to understand the different responsibilities in corporate finance and the interplay between each function. It was the perfect first position.”

Having completed the Development Program, Mike went to work with the finance department for FleetBoston’s mutual fund complex, Columbia Management Group. While at Columbia, Mike had many roles, with focuses on planning, forecasting, fund profitability and analysis. Numerous mergers kept things interesting but left a feeling that the organization was treading water and not moving forward.   

Mike joined Fidelity Ventures in 2006 as a financial analyst. “Having spent my entire career in large institutions, I was looking for and welcomed the small company environment where I could have a greater impact on the company’s success."

Mike continues to apply his skills at Volition Capital. "My current role enables me to use a broad set of finance skills. The private equity industry was always intriguing and my experience with Fidelity Ventures has only increased my interest. I love the energy of our team and the pace of the industry as a whole."   

Mike generally spends his free time with his family, however, still attempts to keep his basketball skills sharp with the hope the Celtics will need a hand.