Business is human

Our product is not our capital. It’s our people.
At Volition, we strive to make this business more human. 

Learn what it's like to Grow with Volition.


Our Take on Growth

Software. Tech-Enabled Services.  Internet. Consumer

We believe that founders’ lives – and the businesses
they’ve built – are not an experiment.

Success in growth is all in the ability to find balance between going after your dreams and risking them.

Our Focus

Helping founders go after their dreams without risking them.

Target Company Characteristics

+   Meaningful Founder Ownership: 20%+
+   Solid Revenue Base: $5 Million - $25+ Million
+   High Growth: 25% - 100%+ Revenue Growth
  Capital Efficient: Near Breakeven to Profitable
+   Aspirations for Greatness

Target Investment Characteristics

+  $5 Million - $40 Million Investment
+  Growth/Acquisition Capital, Shareholder Liquidity
+  Board Position
+  Meaningful Minority Position
Shared Alignment and Vision


Think Inspired

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