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Join our 10 week
internship program

Volition provides college Juniors the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the world of growth equity and start their journey towards a successful career in investing. Our program is designed to provide each student with daily mentorship and a hands-on learning experience that will give you a comprehensive understanding of the industry, including the latest trends, market analysis, and investment strategies.


build your career with volition

At Volition Capital, we believe in building talent from within. Our internship program is the first step toward finding talent that will shape the future of our firm.

During your internship, not only will you gain valuable hands-on experience, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and develop a deep understanding of the growth equity industry. As you progress, you’ll have the chance to take on more responsibilities and contribute to meaningful projects, all while building a strong network of contacts and refining your skills.


During your internship at Volition, you will be given real-world responsibilities and projects. You can expect to be challenged and to learn new skills and techniques as you work alongside your mentor(s). You will also have regular check-ins with them to provide feedback and support. In addition, there will be opportunities for skill-building, networking, and professional development through training sessions and other events. Our goal is to provide you with a dynamic and meaningful internship experience that will help you build your skills, knowledge, and network, and to lay the foundation for a successful career.


    • Industry research: The Who? What? When? Where? and Why?
    • Sourcing: Companies, people, ideas, trends, and technologies
    • Outreach: Build rapport with industry and business leaders
    • Pipeline management: How do we prioritize efforts, time, and resources?
    • Due diligence: Let’s dig deeper…is this the right company for Volition?
    • Portfolio Management: How can we help?

    You will be expected to have 1×1’s with your assigned mentor(s) with the hopes of maximizing your experience and receiving feedback about your performance.


    At Volition, we believe that you grow through the intentional implementation of your experiences. That’s why our interns are asked to execute on an independent capstone project during their 10-week internship. This project allows  you to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired during your time with us, to a real-world scenario,  to influence how your colleagues and mentors think about a company, industry, or sector, and demonstrate to the team your ability to learn and execute on the role of analyst.


    1. You will work with your mentor(s) to define a topic/market that is aligned with your skills and interests, as well as, align nicely with the Volition investing strategy.
    2. Working independently, you will do a deep dive into your topic of choice to identify different companies and opportunities that fit the Volition investing model.
    3. Once identified, you will work with your mentor to conduct outreach and engage with the companies and their founders.
    4. At the end of your time with Volition, you will present your findings to the team. This is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and to demonstrate your ability to contribute to our business. The capstone project is an important part of your internship experience and will help you build your confidence and enhance your skills.
  • Team Building

    Throughout the 10-week program, we invest in a variety of team building initiatives that help our interns build connections, develop trust, and work together more effectively. From team dinners and group outings, to regular opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration, our interns have many chances to bond and build relationships.

  • Feedback

    Our feedback process provides everyone with an opportunity to receive constructive criticism and guidance from their colleagues, managers, and mentors, giving them a comprehensive view of their strengths and areas for improvement. This process is designed to be transparent, consistent, honest, and supportive, with a focus on helping everyone reach their full potential.

Work with industry leaders

Working with our team of top leaders and investors in Boston

The Volition team includes seasoned professionals who have made a significant impact in the industry and continue to shape its future. As a member of our team, you will have the unique opportunity to work alongside these top industry leaders and learn from their expertise and knowledge.


If you’re interested in applying for our internship program, there are a few key requirements that you’ll need to meet. We encourage you to take the time to carefully review our website and learn more about what we do before applying, so you can showcase your enthusiasm for the opportunity.
  • You are a junior planning to graduate the following year
  • Able to work onsite at our office in Boston, MA
  • Authorized to work in the US
  • Have a strong academic record and a genuine interest in the field of growth equity. 
  • Ability to demonstrate your ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, collaborative environment and have excellent communication and problem-solving skills. 
  • Passion for business and growing companies
  • Non-conventional majors encouraged to apply (finance and business degrees a plus)


2023 Summer Analyst (Intern)

We will be reviewing resumes on a rolling basis. However, we will not begin formal interviews until Mid-August.


    The application process is straightforward and designed to give us a comprehensive understanding of your skills, experiences, and interests.

  • Talent Team interview(s)

    The talent team interview is a key part of the interview process. This portion of the process is designed to give you an opportunity to meet with members of our talent team, who will ask you questions about your background, experience, and career goals.

  • Mid level team interview(s)

    You will meet with mid-level investors from our team who will ask you questions related to your experience, knowledge, and your passion for business. The mid-level investor interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to think critically and analyze information, as well as highlight your interest in Volition. We encourage you to also ask questions related to the role, our portfolio, and the firm as well.


  • What is the duration of the internship program?

    This is a 10-week internship that will take place over your rising senior summer.

  • When should I apply?

    We will begin reviewing resumes on a rolling basis starting each April with a target of concluding the hiring process during the mid-to-late summer.

  • Do you take freshman or sophomore interns?

    Unfortunately at this time, our internship program is only designed for individuals who have completed their junior year and are entering their senior year. However, we will keep your resume on file for future opportunities and we encourage you to re-apply when we post again.

  • What is the application deadline for the internship program?

    We hope to have our internship class for the following summer completed by September 1.

  • Do you offer full-time positions to interns who perform well during their internship?

    Yes, our hope is to hire each year’s analyst class from the prior year’s intern cohort.

  • What is the expected start date for the internship?

    We begin our internship program in June.

  • Is the internship paid or unpaid?

    This is a paid internship.

  • What type of projects or tasks will I be working on during my internship?

    The Summer Analyst will play an integral role in supporting the Volition investing team. By focusing on many of the same tasks as our full-time analysts (industry research, sourcing, outreach, pipeline management, and due diligence), you will get first-hand experience of what it means to be a growth equity investor. Learning on the job, offering opinions, building perspective, and executing a Capstone project, we aim to help you prepare for what we hope will be a fulfilling career in growth equity investing.

  • Are there any specific qualifications or skills required for the internship?

    We’d love to have individuals that are interested in investing, the growth equity space, or business and growing companies. Otherwise, we don’t look for any particular skill set or major and welcome non-traditional backgrounds.

  • What is the interview process like for the internship program?

    The interview process is as follows: apply, speak with the talent team, and then speak with our mid-level investors. Our hope is to make the process as informative as possible while being straightforward and concise!

  • Is there an opportunity for mentorship or networking during the internship?

    Yes, each intern will be matched with at least one mentor during their internship.

  • Can you provide more information about the company culture and work environment?

    Please feel free to visit our main careers page to learn more about this.

  • Is there a dress code for the internship?

    We have a business casual dress code.

  • Are there opportunities for remote work during the internship?

    We are currently operating on a schedule of -days in the office. However, we encourage our interns to be in the office as much as possible to soak up as much as possible.


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