How we help you grow


What we do

Provide the personal, strategic, operational, and people support for our founders to help them reach their dreams without risking them.

Personal Commitment

We choose to work with only a few companies every year. That way, we’re able to roll up our sleeves and commit our time, energy, skills, expertise and connections to every relationship we have (no matter how long we’ve had it).

Operational Support

Our goal is to bring to our founders the pattern-recognition from the very best minds in the business to help them with their strategic and operational needs.

We provide, practical, real-world business expertise in areas including operations, sales and marketing, business planning, and organizational development. Because, when you’re building a business, what you need most is the know-how to get things done.


Sometimes vision means seeing opportunities for your business that you may not have considered. Other times, vision means having the good sense to support you in the daily running of your business, giving you the time and freedom to look at the big picture.  

People and Network

Access to the right person at the right time can be transformative for our companies. This could be making an introduction to the right customer or partner. It can be making an introduction to the right candidate for a key role. It can be making an introduction to the right investor or advisor. When our portfolio companies need introductions, we take it personally.


If you want to dramatically accelerate the growth of your business, put our people, expertise and resources to work for you.

Founder Focus

Our investment practice is built around partnering with founders of high growth software, Internet and consumer companies to help them achieve their fullest aspirations.  Having this simple focus has helped us to both understand and accommodate the needs and priorities of the founders we work with.  When we think of what strengths and capabilities we want to build as a firm, it is always with the mindset of how best to complement the needs we see across the founders of high growth companies we work with.  


Pattern Recognition

The partners of Volition Capital have been fortunate enough to invest in many young companies that went on to achieve substantial success.  From those experiences, we have learned that patterns of success emerge at all different stages of a company’s development.  These patterns can deal with high level issues such as scaling a business, business model optimization, strategic acquisitions and geographic expansion.  Other patterns can be more granular in nature such as identifying and integrating a new executive, building a company culture, making sales force success repeatable and understanding key operational metrics.  While there is no doubt that each company is unique, success often has a common framework which we aim to share with our portfolio companies. 

Global Expansion

The hardest kind of business to build is a young, global business.  Yet, markets today are global and to fully realize their potential, young companies need to pursue customers around the world.  Given our heritage, Volition Capital has developed substantial expertise in working with businesses that have the potential for global market leadership.  We have several active portfolio companies that generate revenue across at least 3 different continents.  We have learned many lessons on what to do and what not to do when expanding globally.  In every major region of the world, we have partners that we work with to help shepherd a young company successfully onto the global stage.  

Trustworthy Partner

At Volition Capital, one of our values is to treat other people as you would want to be treated yourself.  It is a very simple piece of wisdom by which we abide.  Often, when we face a difficult decision, we ask ourselves how we would want to be treated in that situation and act accordingly.  We believe that at the end of the day, all we have is our reputation and we engage with other people with that fully in mind.