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Aditude is a next-generation ad monetization solution for online publishers, helping them scale with proprietary technology that enhances site performance and optimizes ad revenue.


About Aditude

Aditude is a next-generation ad monetization solution for online publishers, helping them scale with proprietary technology that enhances site performance and maximizes ad revenue. Aditude empowers publishers by not only providing cutting-edge technology but through providing solutions that are complemented by a variety of services and support that extend to both ad operations and development.


Serving ads online should be simple, but put simply, it isn’t. Jared Siegal founded Aditude in response to the pressing need of publishers to adapt to the increasingly complex digital ad space. Jared’s experience as an early employee of at its peak gave him keen insight into the pain points faced by online publishers. Even to this day, publishers are leveraging legacy or immature advertising stacks and missing out on clear monetization opportunities. After launching as a consultancy, the business has since evolved into a next-generation ad tech company driven by the team’s deep domain expertise. Aditude’s proprietary monetization suite, including a cloud-based header bidding technology, a front-end content management system (CMS), and all-in-one video solution, has seen rapid adoptions since launch in late 2021. As publishers look for true technology partners, not just service shops, Aditude’s offering stands out from the crowd as the only company building everything in-house.  Alongside Aditude’s customized technology, the Company also provides ad support to help with SSP optimizations, prebid management, and full site hosting. Going forward, Aditude will continue to innovate and develop their products to improve more of a publisher’s ad stack and drive additional ad revenue.

Why We Invested in Aditude

With the evolution of the digital ad space, ad operations has become integral to the growth and success of online publishers. Ad stacks have become increasingly elaborate and complex – publishers use multiple ad servers, programmatic partners, and advanced technologies like header bidding to drive demand. Publishers have historically struggled to keep up with this evolution, often needing to build a large team in-house or give up complete control to managed service providers who focus on advertiser relationships rather than on improving monetization. Aditude addresses this gap for publishers, providing nimble, custom technology and superior pricing for online publishers to improve their ad performance.

When the Volition team first connected with Aditude, it was clear that the team were domain experts. Jared implemented the first header bidding technology ever in his role at and has leveraged his experience to identify gaps in current publisher solutions. Jared tapped CTO, Erik Omlid, to come on board to build out Aditude’s in-house technology and transition the Company away from a consultancy to a next-gen product suite that brings better performance and higher CPMs to its publishers. The value-add is clear, and the Company has successfully brought on larger publishers who are using their solutions and ad ops team to drive north of 20% uplift on revenue.

Aditude also possesses core attributes of a Volition portfolio company – prior to our investment, the team bootstrapped the business and has been profitable since day one. They are hyper-obsessed with their customers, quickly iterating and building out their suite of ad products including a CMS, monetization management tools, and video player. We are excited to partner with the Aditude team, supporting them with their continued evolution and growth.

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