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US Mobile is an industry-leading hybrid network operator founded under the premise of liberating American mobile users from expensive and inflexible contracts.

Attn. small business owners: stop overpaying for wireless!

About US Mobile

Established in 2015, US Mobile has scaled rapidly to become a category-leading hybrid network operator known for its highly-customizable plans and transparent, service-centric experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

US Mobile has invested heavily in front-end customer experience, as well as a flexible back-end built on open-source technologies that enable fast and scalable product iterations.


Led by CEO and Founder Ahmed Khattak, and COO, Michael Melmed, US Mobile was founded on the premise of offering customers the ability to build their own plan, at rates starting as low as $1.50 / month. This value proposition proved to be particularly attractive to customers with low or no data usage needs and allowed US Mobile to build an early customer base of evangelists and scale with limited marketing spend.

Since 2015, US Mobile has significantly diversified its product offering and expanded its team, which now spans 20+ countries.

In late 2020, Volition Capital met the US Mobile team and grew interested in its impressive growth trajectory and story.

Why We Invested in US Mobile

A new and exciting vertical for Volition Capital, the U.S. wireless market presented a clear opportunity as a $280 billion industry with high recurrence and vast LTV potential. As most American adults will conceivably be a wireless customer in some capacity for most of their lives, the wireless category uniquely combines the stable, non-discretionary spend of a utility with the emotional aspects of a consumer’s relationship with their phone.

Volition VP Claude de Jocas remarked, “We believe this creates the opportunity to build a brand that engenders radical affinity, in a sector that is increasing exponentially in relevance and literal societal necessity. Additionally, we suspect that the focus of large incumbent carriers on selling unlimited plans has led customers to believe they require more talk / text / data than their actual usage would suggest. We believe US Mobile will capture share in the market by offering plans that address this pain point.”

Volition Capital Managing Partner, Larry Cheng, added, “We believe US Mobile offers a unique set of products in the wireless space. The Company’s build-your-own Custom Plans, Pooled Plans, eSIM-enabled international data packs, and uncapped data Unlimited All Plans are all notable examples of products where US Mobile has been among the first to market.”

Last, but certainly not least, the Volition team was impressed with US Mobile’s CEO, Ahmed Khattak,  and the entire management team having shown tremendous discipline while scaling within a notoriously competitive acquisition landscape to achieve success and scale in the business.

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