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Arteza doubles staff, plans to hire more, CEO says

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Arts and crafts e-commerce startup and Volition Capital portfolio company, Arteza will consider relocating to a larger office space in South Florida to accommodate its fast-growing operations, CEO Brenda Freeman said in an interview with Emon Reiser, Digital Editor of South Florida Business Journal.

Read an Excerpt of the Interview Below:

The North Miami Beach-based business, which recently outranked all other Florida companies at No. 32 on the Inc. 5000 list with 7,551% growth over three years, continues to hire. Arteza currently has 18 positions listed on its career page that include jobs in its IT, legal, marketing and supply chain departments.

Freeman credits the startup’s momentum with its strategy to capitalize on the surges in demand and new customers that arose in the early days of the pandemic. The acceleration in sales followed a $24 million investment from early Chewy investor Boston-based Volition Capital in November 2019. At that time, Arteza company had about 200 employees.

“We’ve grown so significantly since March that we actually doubled our staff,” Freeman said. “[Demand] has settled into levels that are still considerably higher than pre-pandemic. It’s leapfrogging us a year, maybe even further along the roadmap because of the fact that our sales are so much higher.”

Here’s what Freeman said on the company’s hiring efforts and growth:

Reiser: How does Covid-19 affect your plans for securing a larger office space in South Florida?

Freeman: It poses a lot of strategic questions about how much space we actually need post-Covid now that everyone has found they can be incredibly productive while working remotely. We’ll consider whether we all need to be in the office once we get through the Covid crisis, but we don’t have all the answers to that. We want to work with architectural consultants to consider what the new normal would even look like. We’re a fast-growing organization, so the need for commuting will remain important. I can’t imagine in the next year or two, or five, that we wouldn’t see the benefit of coming together as a team, whether it’s on a daily basis or a planned schedule.

If you think you would be a good addition to the Arteza team, take a look at the many job opportunities in our network.


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