Jan 12, 2021
Volition Press

Boston Business Journal – Who to Meet: All systems ‘goat’ for data platform startup

Article originally posted in Boston Business Journal

Joe Gaska lists all the successes of his most recent startup, Grax: its new venture funding, its unique tech-industry niche, its fast growth of late. But then there was that recent virtual-employee outing to see goats — as in the farm-animal goat, not the Tom Brady kind of GOAT. What’s up with that?

“It was a riot,” said Gaska of his company’s recent out-of-the-box Zoom visit to a New York goat farm. “We wanted to do something different during the pandemic. You might think it’s kind of crazy, but seeing the goats made everyone laugh. It wasn’t forced fun. It was so entertaining.”

Read the full article from the Boston Business Journal.

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