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Portfolio News

Ensighten Appoints Josh Goodwin To Chief Technology Officer


CUPERTINO, Calif., December 13, 2012: Ensighten, innovator of Real-Time™ Tag Management Systems and visitor privacy solutions that optimize web analytics and digital marketing performance, has appointed Josh Goodwin to the position of chief technology officer. He was formerly Ensighten’s chief software architect. Located in Ensighten’s Cupertino head office, the new position gives Mr. Goodwin oversight over research and development of leading-edge innovative digital marketing solutions built on Ensighten’s global TMS platform. Mr. Goodwin has played a key role in the design and development of Ensighten’s advanced tag management product line, which de-couples marketing and website development cycles, accelerates website performance and enables real-time website optimization.

“It’s an exciting time to be taking on the chief technology officer role at Ensighten. I’m heartened by the market acceptance and adoption of our unique real-time approach to tag management,” said Josh Goodwin, chief technology officer at Ensighten. “No other TMS can interact with the browser in real time as the visitor navigates a site – so we’re delivering tag code on an as-needed, dynamic basis. This advanced architecture and our global Tag Delivery Network infrastructure are now fully deployed and I’m ready to work on the next generation of tag management technology. The Web is constantly changing and we are already working on technology to solve the next set of digital marketing challenges our customers and partners will face.”“I am very happy to announce Josh Goodwin’s new role as CTO at Ensighten,” said Ensighten CEO Josh Manion. “Josh has been our lead technologist since the beginning of the company. My goal in starting Ensighten was to create a tag management platform that was beyond the status quo and met the needs of large global enterprises. Josh has applied his incredible technical skills and digital marketing knowledge to architect and build our current, industry-leading TMS platform. We look forward to more incredible innovations from Josh in his new role.”

Mr. Goodwin initially architected and built Ensighten’s real-time, single-line-of-code approach to tag management, a radical re-thinking and improvement on existing tag management systems. The combination of a client-side approach and a smart cloud infrastructure to dynamically deliver tag code resulted in a huge leap forward for tag management solutions. For the first time, a tag management system could support all tags, improve site performance, and offer precision tag targeting by visitor, session, and page. He was also the lead architect of Ensighten’s Tag Delivery Network infrastructure, which powers Ensighten TMS products and currently supports brands such as Microsoft Stores, MoneySupermarket, Sony Electronics, Staples, Subaru, Symantec, TUI Travel, T-Mobile, and United Airlines. In addition, Mr. Goodwin has played a key role in intellectual property development at Ensighten, and is currently listed as inventor or co-inventor on one granted patent and four pending patent applications. A lifelong programmer, Mr. Goodwin began teaching himself to write code at age 10.

Prior to Ensighten, Mr. Goodwin spent more than a decade in technology consulting, working for clients that included Caterpillar, Motorola, Wolfram|Alpha. A lifelong programmer, Mr. Goodwin began teaching himself to write code at age 10.

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