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Ensighten Expands Into Latin America Through Partnership With Brazil-Based Digital Consultancy, Lima Consulting Group


CUPERTINO, Calif. — May 14, 2013: Ensighten, innovator of Real-Time™ Tag Management Systems and online customer engagement technology that optimizes website performance and digital marketing agility, has established commercial activities in Latin America through a service partnership with Lima Consulting Group, one of the region’s top digital marketing services firm with offices in São Paulo, Brazil and the United States.

Founded in 2004, Lima Consulting Group (LCG) helps companies develop, deploy and measure effective digital marketing strategies. The firm has distinct expertise in developing marketing strategy and offers consulting practices that implement the leading marketing technology solutions and guide enterprises in the establishment of key business processes to maximize their return on marketing technologies and ad spend. LCG customers include Globo, the world’s second-largest commercial TV Network; Oi, Brazil’s largest telco; Citi-Cards, Brazil’s largest issuer of credit cards; and Univision, the leading Spanish-language media provider in the United States.

LCG specializes in building data-driven marketing strategies, and applies the latest web analytics tools, testing and targeting, and personalization — all aimed at optimizing the effectiveness of their clients’ digital marketing initiatives.

LCG Founder and Managing Partner, Paul Lima, has already seen the benefit of bringing Ensighten’s tag management technology to bear on the digital marketing activities of his firm’s clients. “Ensighten changes the way we work with our customers and quickens their digital marketing cadence. By using Ensighten Manage, we minimize the time our teams spend on the technical implementation effort needed to successfully deploy the leading digital marketing solutions. This is great news for our clients because everyone involved at the client and at Lima can focus more energy on higher-impact actions, and more quickly align the performance of digital marketing initiatives with core business objectives.”

Lima and his team are witnessing a sea change in the way Brazilian companies develop marketing strategy and execute programs. “When we first started here in 2009, marketing decisions were highly centralized within the executive suite—and not necessarily with the CMO, specifically,” Lima noted. “Today, marketing is more data-driven and decision authority is more dispersed throughout lower levels of the marketing team. Marketing managers with the latest analytics and conversion optimization tools can influence top management on strategy based on real-time analysis of customer interactions. This democratization of marketing is enabling companies to be more agile. A real-time tag management system like Ensighten’s is at the center of this revolution.”

LCG recently deployed Ensighten Manage to boost customer engagement for Printi, an on-demand, web-based solution that is aiming to revolutionize the country’s printing market. “Within a week, our team had deployed their analytics solution and handed them a tool that took the turnaround time for implementing changes from over four weeks to within minutes,” stated Jorge Perdomo, the solutions consultant from Lima responsible for the implementation of Ensighten. 

As an Ensighten partner, LCG has joined Ensighten Connect, giving it access to a framework of benefits and services that enable its analysts to easily deploy Ensighten’s tag management technology. Through the Ensighten Connect Program, LCG can implement best practices for tag management and drive its own value-added solutions on the Ensighten Platform. 

“Paul and his team are the top shop in Brazil and have an excellent reputation in Latin America. This makes them the perfect partner for penetration of this fast-growing market,” said David Saxon, VP of partnerships at Ensighten. “We’re really looking forward to see all the amazing things that LCG will be able to do with Ensighten for Brazil’s top brands.”

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