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Introducing Velocify Pulse, a Uniquely Complete Sales Acceleration Platform

Velocify Focuses on Speed, Control, and Motivation to Drive Sales Growth with New Velocify Pulse Platform


Los Angeles – Sept. 1, 2015 — Velocify today announced the launch of Velocify Pulse™ – the industry’s first full-featured, enterprise-class sales acceleration solution. Velocify Pulse takes a universal approach that accelerates every step in the sales cycle, and aligns everyone in the sales organization on the same platform, from prospectors to lead responders to closers. Velocify Pulse also gives sales managers precise controls to accelerate sales performance in a predictable way.

“Companies aiming to achieve exceptional growth all want to accelerate their sales process, but the problem is they can’t operate at speed if they don’t have control,” said Nick Hedges, president and CEO of Velocify. “Focusing on speed alone is like giving a Ferrari to someone who has never driven a car before – it will probably end badly. That’s why Velocify focusses on allowing teams to operate with velocity and discipline simultaneously.”

A Universal Platform to Accelerate the Entire Sales Process

Velocify Pulse enables companies to accelerate their sales performance by taking an insights-driven approach to developing the optimal sales processes, motivating people to follow the plan through rewardification, and keeping the entire organization aligned on a single platform that covers everything from prospecting, to lead response, to closing the final deal.

 An Insight-Driven Approach to Selling Provides Precision Control

 Acceleration and control ultimately result from defining optimal sales processes for the entire organization. Velocify Pulse empowers sales leaders to take an insights-driven approach, using rules, logic, behavior, and historical data to determine the most effective sales strategies.

Unlike other sales acceleration solutions, which only set sales processes using black-box predictive analytics algorithms, Velocify Pulse provides a complete toolbox that allows sales leaders to be prescriptive and not just predictive by defining their strategy using a wide array of factors. Furthermore, it offers complete visibility into how each part of the sales process works, so that leaders can adjust specific aspects to continually improve team performance.

“Predictive analytics is certainly a part of the equation, but sales leaders should not hand control over to predictive analytics entirely,” said Hedges. “A prescriptive insight-based approach is really critical to optimizing sales processes and accelerating sales performance.”

 Motivate Through Rewardification, Because Sales Is Not a Game

Of course, a clearly defined and transparent sales process is useless if salespeople mostly choose to ignore it. To deal with this issue, companies have turned to gamification to entice reps to “play along” with optimal sales processes. It’s a sensible approach to take in a variety of sales scenarios but does suffer from the one big drawback that game-centric motivation tends to get old quickly.

Velocify Pulse motivates salespeople on the principle of rewardifcation – that is, delivering valuable incentives to salespeople that follow best practices and generate results.

“What sales people are most motivated by after compensation is getting more leads and better leads,” said Hedges. “If I tell a sales person you can have a virtual trophy or more really good leads, you know what they are going to want.”

The Velocify platform uses advanced distribution features to send more, higher-quality leads to reps that successfully follow the sales strategy and get good results, encouraging everyone to adopt the best practices that lead to more conversions.

The Industry’s First Full-Featured Sales Acceleration Platform

Finally, Velocify Pulse enables the entire sales organization to move faster with a universal platform that encompasses every step in the sales cycle. Sales leaders can use Velocify Pulse to set processes for prospectors, lead responders, inside sales teams, remote teams, and field sales teams to ensure that strategy and behavior are aligned across the entire organization.

Rounding out the Velocify Pulse offering is a new tool for prospectors called Velocify SalesCaddy™, which allows sales teams to prospect like pros. Just like a golf caddy, the solution is with the sales rep wherever they are – on the web, their email inbox or the Velocify Pulse dashboard. Velocify SalesCaddy has two components, SocialCaddy™, which enables sales reps to build prospect lists using LinkedIn, and MailCaddy™, which connects to Gmail and Office365 for seamless communication with prospects.

Velocify Pulse allows all salespeople to work together on the same platform, delivering universal control over high-velocity sales processes. To learn more about this new release, please read our blog post that provides further detail on the launch of Velocify Pulse.

About Velocify

Velocify is a market-leading provider of cloud-based intelligent sales software, designed for high-velocity sales environments. Velocify helps sales teams keep pace with the speed of opportunity and increase revenue by driving rapid lead response, increased selling discipline, improved productivity, and actionable selling insights. The company has helped more than 1,500 companies across a variety of industries improve customer acquisition practices and sales performance. Velocify was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte and a Best Place to Work by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

For more information about Velocify or its technology, please visit the company’s website and blog, or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.


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