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Ping Identity Launches PingOne – First Cloud Identity Switch

Enables Tier 1 Single Sign-On (SSO) and On-Demand Identity Management for Businesses and Application Providers

DENVER, Mar 20, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Ping Identity®, The Cloud Identity Security Leader™, today unveiled PingOne, the world’s first multiplexed identity switch in the Cloud. One connection to PingOne provides businesses the convenience of Tier 1 Single Sign-On (SSO) access to all of their cloud applications and gives IT one place to centralize control and automate identity management. One connection to PingOne equips cloud application providers to offer Tier 1 SSO to all of their customers. For security conscious businesses, Tier 1 requires exclusively standards-based, federated SSO protocols such as SAML, OAuth, and OpenID with zero tolerance for storing passwords or managing duplicate end-user accounts in the Cloud.

PingOne is the only on-demand cloud identity management service to equip application providers as well as end users with complete Tier 1 SSO and multiplexed (one-to-many) capabilities. With one connection, PingOne allows IT to securely manage access to all cloud applications in a central user directory, such as Microsoft Active Directory. This eliminates all but one secure set of employee credentials. Similarly, application providers can use one simple REST API process to enable secure, standards-based SSO in less than 30 minutes.

“Enterprises asked us for a better way to connect their workforce to the Cloud,” said Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity. “PingOne is the answer. It can be set up in hours and is completely self-service. The service doesn’t replicate Active Directory and it doesn’t store passwords. It’s 100 percent based on open standards, which is the most secure way to do identity in the Cloud.”

PingOne: Identity Federation as a Cloud Service

PingOne is an open network that takes the complexity out of using standard identity federation protocols, including SAML, OpenID, OAuth, and the SCIM provisioning standard. Businesses with existing SAML infrastructure can cut administration costs up to 90 percent by making one assertion to PingOne to manage all of their growing customer and application connections.

For PingFederate customers, PingOne is designed to extend that trusted federated identity architecture into the Cloud. One connection from PingFederate to PingOne enables a multiplexed connection to applications and business partners faster and more easily than ever before. Together, as part of Ping Identity’s simple, proven, and secure platform for cloud identity management, they address the broadest set of identity security needs. From consumers and business customers to partners and employees, PingFederate and PingOne integrate with more than 30 different on-premise identity technologies using industry standard protocols in the private, public, or hybrid format that suits the business best.

Designed With Elegant Simplicity

“With guidance from our corporate and government customers, as well as our extensive SaaS partnerships, we designed something with ‘Fisher-Price’ simplicity in mind but hardened for our most rigorous customers,” said Jonathan Buckley, Ping Identity Vice President of On-Demand Business. “With each feature and function, we took the complexity and cost out of the equation to bring the benefits of federated identity to the majority of the business market.”

PingOne offers two subscription-pricing options. PingOne Application Provider Services starts at $5,000 per application per year. PingOne Cloud Access Services is available for as little as $5 per user per month.

PingOne is built on Internet-scale architecture and is globally load balanced for very low latency response time on any continent. All operations are monitored 7X24X365 in the PingOne Network Operations Center.

Ping Identity will begin migrating beta customers to the PingOne service today. PingOne will be available for new business and trials on April 10, 2012. Visit .

Learn more about PingOne

  • Register for the PingOne Webinar series
  • Watch a 3-minute PingOne video overview
  • Download the Three Tiers of SSO Whitepaper
  • Download the Enterprise Solutions Guide
  • Visit

About Ping Identity | The Cloud Identity Security Leader
Ping Identity provides cloud identity security solutions to more than 800 of the world’s largest companies, government organizations and cloud businesses. With a 99% customer satisfaction rating, Ping Identity empowers more than 42 of the Fortune 100 to secure hundreds of millions of employees, customers, consumers and partners using secure, open standards like SAML, OpenID and OAuth. Businesses that depend on the Cloud rely on Ping Identity to deliver simple, proven and secure cloud identity management through single sign-on, federated identity management, mobile identity security, API security, social media integration, and centralized access control. Visit for more information.

Supporting Industry Analyst and Customer Quotes


BioIQ — Aaron Campos, Vice President of Engineering “Security is paramount in our business and we needed a standards-based SSO solution that put our customers in control of their users’ access. Before, providing our customers with secure SSO access to our cloud-based wellness resources was a painful process that often took weeks if not months,” said Aaron Campos, vice president of engineering at BioIQ, a healthcare IT company that uses PingOne to securely exchange data with other wellness vendors. “With PingOne Application Provider Services, using SSO with our service is not only secure, but we can implement new customers in a matter of minutes, not weeks.”

TrackVia — Todd Benge, Vice President of Engineering “PingOne is a perfect complement to TrackVia’s do-it-yourself SaaS application builder for business users. With PingOne we can give clients SSO access that meets their specific security requirement and a standards-based solution for easy integration with their infrastructure and ours.”

FiberLink — Ryan Hope, Vice President of R&D “Our enterprise customers demand rapid onboarding and convenient access to our cloud-based mobile device management platform. PingOne delivers on both with a standards-based approach, giving our customers increased security and putting us at a competitive advantage.”


The 451 — Steve Coplan, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security Practice “In order to generate network effects, technology standards need to be widely understood and deployed. Now that identity management technologies are being put to work with a new class of third-party applications, the need has emerged to bridge these two worlds using standards-based protocols like SAML, OAuth or even Simple Cloud Identity Management. The PingOne service is aimed at this white space in a market where there is high demand for standards-based integration to drive automation, re-use and security, and limited distribution of expertise to implement the technologies.”

Enterprise Management Associates — Scott Crawford, Managing Research Director “PingOne combines Ping Identity’s deep commitment to standards with its keen focus on ease-of-use to bring identity federation to the Cloud. PingOne gives businesses the identity management controls they need, while providing employees secure standards-based SSO to all the applications they need to be productive each day – all in a self-service solution designed for Internet-scale in a global economy.”

Enterprise Strategy Group — Ginny Roth, CISSP Analyst “Ping Identity has launched an exclusively standards-based cloud-based identity management service. PingOne is not only a solid, affordable solution for basic SSO to cloud applications, it has the scalability to meet more robust enterprise requirements and complements PingFederate to enable public, private and hybrid cloud identity management use cases.”

Gartner — Mark Diodati, Vice President, IT Professionals Research “Organizations are expanding their relationships with partners and SaaS providers, and they’re looking for a repeatable, scalable solution. The solution must do two things: transparently manage user identities and provide a seamless user experience via single sign-on.”

Gartner — Gregg Kreizman, Research Director, Enterprise Security and Privacy “Enterprises continue to adopt SaaS applications, and core identity and access management functions must be provided for these SaaS and on-premises applications in an increasingly hybrid world. Standard identity protocols will play an important role in supporting these hybrid requirements, and standards are evolving. Enterprises and application service providers will increasingly seek identity services vendors who can provide easy-to-deploy, technologically agile, economically appealing identity services.”

SOURCE: Ping Identity Corporation

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