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Pramata Releases Best-In-Class Commercial Relationship Baseline Solution

Essential technology helps eliminate revenue leakage and drive revenue optimization for B2B enterprises

BRISBANE, Calif. – May 7, 2019 Pramata, the leading commercial relationship operations company, today announced its Spring 2019 Release, which features its best-in-class Commercial Relationship Baseline, an essential tool that ensures users always know what their customer owns, their current terms, the price they agreed to pay, and where they can grow revenue. With it, large B2B enterprises can now maximize customer lifetime value by knowing and leveraging commercial relationships to their full revenue potential—eliminating billing errors, driving more profitable upsells and renewals, and significantly reducing customer churn.

“The Commercial Relationship Baseline is ground zero for taking effective action toward stopping widespread revenue leakage and promoting revenue optimization across the customer portfolio,” said Praful Saklani, CEO of Pramata. “Our unique approach to developing the Baseline gives companies the ability to know their commercial relationships as they never have before, down to the asset and term level. Pramata continues to maintain that Baseline for customers on a daily basis with 99% accuracy, so they can remain confident in the relevance of the information at all times.”

“The Baseline represents a single source of continuously updated truth for each customer that defines each customer entity, the purchased assets they own, at what price, and the product-level terms,” said Justin Schweisberger, Chief Product Officer for Pramata. “This may sound simple, but as any B2B enterprise finance or sales leader will tell you, creating and maintaining an accurate and complete Commercial Relationship Baseline for highly negotiated B2B relationships has proven too complicated to tackle internally. Pramata takes on that heavy lift through the unique combination of our cloud-based software and precision managed services and keeps the baseline accurate and accessible on an ongoing basis.”

The Commercial Relationship Baseline is built on Pramata’s Voyager platform, a multi-tenant modern cloud solution with a visual UX. Leveraging the Baseline, Pramata provides targeted solutions to the two critical sides of customer lifetime value—revenue leakage and revenue optimization:

  • Revenue Leakage solutions to eliminate chronic under- and overbilling by ensuring every customer bill reflects the contracted terms and pricing

  • Revenue Optimization solutions to identify prime white space, negotiate improved renewals, and accelerate profitable deals by applying the right terms at the right time

Pramata customers typically see returns in as little as 90 days with minimal IT burden. Large B2B organizations in telecommunications, enterprise software, colocation, financial services, pharmaceutical and other complex industries use Pramata.


Pramata’s Spring ‘19 Release is currently available.

About Pramata

Pramata helps B2B enterprises maximize customer lifetime value by eliminating revenue leakage and driving revenue optimization. Pramata has created millions of dollars in value for some of the largest companies in the world including CenturyLink, Comcast Business, FICO, NCR, Micro Focus, Novelis and Vertafore. Headquartered in Brisbane, Calif., Pramata also has offices in Kansas City, MO, and Bangalore, India. For more information, visit


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