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Scaling Success

The Science of Selling to SMBs – Scaling Success Podcast

Sean Cantwell

Selling to SMBs can be exciting. It’s also extremely challenging. With fast-paced sales cycles, lower price points, and higher churn, it means you have to be making sales every single day to grow a company. In the most recent episode of Scaling Success, Sean Cantwell invites Pete Lamson, CEO JazzHR, Jobvite & NXTThing RPO, to join the show and talk about what it takes to scale successfully with SMBs. With a focus on B2B, high-velocity, new customer acquisition, Pete brings a meticulous, measurement-focused approach to help answer the questions entrepreneurs frequently ask as they are looking to really step on the gas and accelerate. 

About Pete Lamson: 

Pete Lamson is a results-oriented executive with a 30+ year history of a strategic, metrics-driven approach to accelerated revenue. Currently, as CEO of JazzHR/Jobvite/NXTThing RPO, Lamson is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, aggregate performance, and day-to-day business operations. Pete joined the combined company through the acquisition of JazzHR where he served as President & CEO. Prior to JazzHR, Pete served as Carbonite Senior Vice President of Global Sales where he was a member of the IPO Team, responsible for Carbonite’s global sales organization and achievement of all revenue objectives, inclusive of new and renewal revenue in the US and EMEA. During Pete’s tenure, Carbonite enjoyed 20 consecutive quarters of record revenue. Previously, Pete served as SVP & GM for NameMedia’s SMB-focused Domain Marketplace, the largest of its kind in the world, and Chief Operating Officer of Monster Worldwide’s consumer relocation division, helping businesses convert new movers into lifetime customers. Pete is a graduate of Holderness School & Harvard Business School

The Science of Selling to SMBs - Podcast Episode


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