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Vibes Partners with Adobe to Help Power Mobile Marketing Campaigns in Adobe Marketing Cloud

CHICAGO – (March 9, 2015) – Vibes, a mobile marketing leader, today announced it has partnered with Adobe to power personalized mobile campaigns for Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet in Adobe Marketing Cloud. Vibes’ technology powers campaigns across all mobile channels, including mobile wallet, SMS and push messaging, enabling brands to personalize, distribute and manage digital content (loyalty cards, coupons, etc.) for consumers.

For mobile teams, Adobe Marketing Cloud provides a comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities that span analytics, web and app experience management, testing and targeting, advertising, video, audience management, social engagement and campaign orchestration. With the addition of Vibes’ Catapult Mobile Relationships Management platform, the two companies are bringing together a holistic mobile solution to help marketers create a closed-loop experience for mobile campaigns.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud is designed to give marketers the intelligence necessary to market to their customers in a personalized way at scale, and Vibes helps bring this philosophy to mobile channels,” said Matt Asay, VP, Mobile at Adobe. “This integration allows digital marketers to create and manage campaigns for mobile wallet, SMS and push messaging seamlessly from a single platform. There is tremendous value in presenting marketers with a unified view into online and offline activities so that they can create mobile campaigns that are more effective, insightful and personalized.”

In the initial phase of the integration, Vibes will complement two solutions of the Adobe Marketing Cloud: Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics.

Imagitas, a Pitney Bowes marketing services company, has integrated Vibes’ technology with its digital campaigns powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud. Imagitas uses Vibes to deliver digital coupons through text messages and will be introducing mobile coupon support for Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet very shortly. Mobile wallet coupons that can be saved to Passbook and Google Wallet will also be delivered via email through Adobe Campaign. In addition to orchestrating campaigns through Adobe Campaign, Imagitas uses Adobe Analytics to gain clear insight into the effectiveness of these mobile marketing campaigns across digital and physical channels.

“Mobile plays a vital role in creating a customer experience that merges the physical and digital worlds. We’re proud to be working with Vibes and Adobe to deliver a best-in-class mobile experience,” said Chris Hall, SVP, Product at Imagitas. “With the combination of Pitney Bowes’ data quality and location intelligence technologies, alongside our partners’ couponing and digital communication capabilities, we will define a superior mobile marketing platform. We’re excited for the future and leading the way toward a truly integrated customer experience.”

As a Tier 1 aggregator with direct connections to all U.S. wireless carriers, Vibes is able to deliver a high volume of personalized SMS messages for Adobe Marketing Cloud. Prior to this partnership, Vibes collaborated with Adobe on a number of initiatives. In addition to Vibes CEO and Co-Founder Jack Philbin speaking at the past two Adobe Digital Summits, Vibes powered mobile conversations at Adobe’s booth at 2014.

“Mobile is the glue that brings the digital and offline worlds together, which is why we’re thrilled to complement the mobile capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud,” said Philbin. “Vibes opens a new toolset for marketers using Adobe Marketing Cloud to engage consumers on their most important device in personal, meaningful ways. Adobe has been recognized by Gartner and Forrester for its leadership in the marketing cloud space, and with this partnership we are extending its unique and powerful offering through what we believe to be the most powerful marketing channel — mobile.”

About Vibes
Vibes is a mobile marketing technology leader that helps some of the world’s biggest brands unlock new revenue by arming them with the technology and guidance they need to succeed in mobile marketing. Vibes’ Catapult Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) platform enables marketers to manage all mobile communications including text messaging, push notifications, Apple’s Passbook, Google Wallet and mobile web campaigns — all from a single interface. Vibes has delivered more than 5 billion mobile experiences since 1998 on behalf of customers such as Sears, Home Depot, Verizon, Allstate, The Gap, Pep Boys, Men’s Wearhouse, Gannett, Imagitas and Excentus. Vibes is a Tier 1 aggregator with direct connections to all U.S. wireless carriers. To learn more about Vibes, visit or connect on


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