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hackajob is a full-stack hiring platform where companies can directly source talent through a two-sided marketplace


About hackajob

Technology continues to drive the world forward. From rockets that land themselves in the middle of the ocean to AI that continues to shatter the status quo, ultimately, the people behind these activities are writing the code to build the world’s future today.hackajob exists to bring these people together with the companies that need them to continue driving the world forward. To continue building the future.By creating the best-in-class experience with a candidate-centric platform, tech professionals can leverage hackajob to learn new skills, participate in community events, engage directly with employers, and ultimately, find their next role.Through the Company’s full-stack hiring platform, companies can directly source talent through a two-sided marketplace, craft a compelling employer brand to a community of over 500k tech professionals, conduct online assessments and remote interviews, and generate powerful insights about their diversity and inclusion performance.The Company’s platform is underpinned by over 50 million first-party data points on technical professionals that leverage proprietary AI models to enable companies to get an 85% response rate to individuals they message through the hackajob marketplace, whilst reducing the number of applications to make a hire by 7x.


hackajob was founded in 2014 when Co-Founders Mark Chaffey and Razvan Creanga met. Razvan had previously been working in technology, on his own startups, and as part of other companies. He identified that the technical recruitment process could be improved for both employers and candidates through a meritocracy-based approach rather than relying solely on CVs.

Following the lean startup methodology, Razvan and Mark continued to iterate on the hackajob product. They built a two-sided marketplace that enabled companies to source highly engaged, active tech talent. Born out of frustration with the traditional recruitment agency approach and the difficulty of hiring top engineers, hackajob reimagines the process by building it around the needs of technical talent rather than allowing recruitment to be clouded by unconscious bias and the framework required to engage with them.

Thousands of companies such as Roku, S&P Global, and LexisNexis Risk depend on the hackajob platform to reduce the time to hire, engage with candidates and, most importantly, remove the bias from the recruitment process.

Why We Invested

Volition invested in hackajob because the recruiting process for software developers is broken for both candidates and employers. the Company is providing a market-leading platform to help solve this pain point. The Company’s obsession with delivering a delightful candidate experience came through loud and clear during our diligence: candidates praised the number and quality of job requests that matched their preferences, while employers benefited from tapping into a large, new pool of candidates with uniquely high response rates, saving their recruiting teams time and money. As the Company continues its strong growth trajectory and benefits from developer virality, the built-in network effect will continue increasing the ROI to both employers and candidates, further propelling adoption.

Most importantly, the team leading hackajob has the ambition to match the size of the market opportunity in front of them. Mark Chaffey, founder and CEO, started the Company in college and has spent his entire professional career tirelessly working to deliver strong value for candidates and employers on the platform. He has since hired an impressive management team who shares his passion for building a marketplace that puts technical talent first. We are truly excited to partner with the hackajob team and look forward to the journey ahead.

Click here to visit the hackajob website.

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