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Volition Capital - Investing in Sustainability
Capital+ Investing in Sustainability

We believe climate change is a real problem. We want to be part of this transformative climate journey and partner with founders who are making a material impact in solving climate change.

Investing in Sustainability

We at Volition are part of the 84% of Americans who believe climate change is a real problem and 70% of Americans who think this issue needs to be addressed in the near term. We are encouraged to see a meaningful drive to be more environmentally conscious across a wide-ranging set of constituents ranging from consumers to corporations to government to investors.


Investing in Sustainability

Why We’re Getting Involved

With increased awareness and a sincere push for positive change across all these parties, we are sitting at an inflection point. We want to be part of this transformative climate journey and partner with founders who are making a material impact in solving climate change.

What We Believe

Sustainability has already changed our lives in many ways. Whether we realize it or not, we have started to see a sea-change in behavior in our everyday routines and habits, ranging from the way we eat to the way we dress to the way we get from point A to point B.

Innovation and disruption are happening across industries. We believe that most emissions are driven by modern lifestyles and the greatest potential for positive change is transforming the way we live.

What we are doing

We are firm believers in “learning by doing” as we take on the important mission of sustainability investing, and are proud to announce Volition is now Carbon Neutral. More here on how we are proactively lowering our carbon footprint by changing our daily behaviors.



Below are some areas of focus, but we would welcome the opportunity to meet founders tackling all angles of the sustainability ecosystem. What we look for are fast-growing companies that are disrupting the market in innovative ways:



Volition portfolio companies are tackling different seams within investing in sustainability, ranging from Recycle Track Systems helping businesses reduce environmental impact to Super73 replacing car trips and becoming the mode of transportation for consumers. We are excited to take our expertise in scaling consumer internet businesses to $1 billion+ in revenue, combine it with our heritage in software investing, and partner with founders with the vision of building companies that will fundamentally and drastically improve the way we live our lives.

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