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May 6, 2020
Lindsey Eckerd

Burst Oral Care Announces Series C Round, Led by Goldman Sachs

A bright spot in these difficult times: Burst Oral Care closed a Series C round, led by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity. (Goldman Sachs’ other direct-to-consumer investments include women’s razor startup Billie, which was recently acquired by P&G.) Burst previously raised a total of $20 million in funding from Volition Capital and other investors. 

As part of the new investment, Goldman’s Allison Berardo and Hillel Moerman will be joining Cheng on the company’s board of directors.
Larry also noted Burst’s ongoing commitment to supporting hygienists and the broader dental community. “We’re proud of all of the hard work the Burst team is doing to help the industry. This includes the company’s most recent efforts to help provide relief during the COVID-19 crisis. As we look to the future, we’re excited about the product roadmap as Burst aims to become a full-service oral care products provider for customers.”
For more details on the Series C round, Check out this article in Tech Crunch.

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