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DevOps as a Service: Enabling front end developers to actually focus on front end development

Michael Brannan
Devops as a service
DevOps as a Service: Enabling front end developers to actually focus on front end development

As companies continue to migrate resources to the cloud, one thing has become clear: DevOps tools that are used to streamline the software development process are here to stay. With GMI estimating the current global DevOps market at $7 billion and a 20% projected CAGR through 2028 to reach north of $30 billion, demand for software developers that can manage these tools is rising.


While demand has been increasing, supply has not been able to keep up. Many companies are finding that not only are quality developers hard to come by, but once hired, they are being pulled in so many directions from standing up new products to configuring cloud resources and building architecture frameworks that productivity is being muted.

According to a survey by ActiveState (2019), 61.5% of developers spend four hours or less a day writing code to build new products or features. The remainder of the day is filled dealing with design/architecture frameworks, testing, bug hunting, building libraries, and managing dependencies amongst other infrastructure-related functions.


One emerging solution gaining traction within the developer community is the concept of DevOps-as-a-Service, which is the outsourcing of architecture and IT functions such as load balancing, monitoring, and configuring cloud resources to a third-party vendor.

This vendor provides a premium managed service through proprietary technology that automates these processes in addition to an internal team of DevOps professionals overseeing the technology and ensuring optimal performance. This frees up developers to spend more time coding, enabling higher production in terms of new product and feature releases, faster time to deployment, and overall improved operational efficiency.


While still early, we believe this is a compelling opportunity for companies providing DevOps-as-a-Service to grab market share and establish clear product-market fit through differentiated technology and experienced DevOps experts.

There are a few emerging players in the space, including 84codes, Railway, Gruntwork, Elastisys, and Artifakt to name a few , and we look forward to working with companies in this category to help developers spend less time worrying about the infrastructure framework and more time doing what they love: coding.

DevOps as a Service
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