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How Did Super73 Choose an Investor to Work With?


LeGrand: I’m the LeGrand Crewse co-founder and CEO of Super73.

Michael: And I’m Michael Cannavo, co-founder and CMO of Super73.

LeGrand: So how did we find volition Capital? Well, we found volition capital after six months and talking to how many dozens of different investors. It was a huge process. But, you know, ultimately, what we were doing is we were trying to go raise additional capital for the company. And we went through the process of, you know, pitching to investors and trying to sell, you know, the dream and the idea. And we came across volition and had that initial meeting. And at least from our end, I think that, you know, we felt that the Volition team was a little bit different than some of the others there was there; actually, I think the first ones actually came here. So Volition was the first one that said, hey, you know, we’re going to fly across the country. We want to come to see you in your native habitat and in person, and let’s see what you’re really about. So again, just taking the time to kind of dig in and really get to know us as opposed to just, you know, what’s the revenue going to be and how many units are you going to sell and how big are you going to get and how much money can you make? And so I think that that made a huge difference.

Michael: Larry’s focus on us, on the three of us, was something we hadn’t seen with anybody else. We pitched to, you know, not only in asking general questions but in really digging down, sitting in our offices with us for hours at a time and saying, what makes you tick? What brings you joy? What’s your passion? And to be able to sit there and really honestly tell him our stories and tell him like, this is how we grew, this is how we became who we are. And he took that and used it to our advantage and said, Let me empower you to do more. Let me be an engine to the boats you already have, and let’s get you moving faster. And so it was the first time that I felt like we were talking to somebody who wasn’t in it for just the money, wasn’t in it for the return, but was in it to build something really cool. And that’s what’s been important to us, is building something. You know, it’s why we don’t just buy off-the-shelf parts and slap our label on it because it’s so important to us that we have full control and that this thing can outlive all of us. And I think Larry really resonated with that.