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Beth Birnbaum
Senior Advisor

“With rare exceptions, all of your most important achievements on this planet will come from working with others – or, in a word, partnership.”

-Paul Farmer

Meet Beth Birnbaum

Beth joined Volition in the fall of 2022 as a Senior Advisor. She chose to work with Volition specifically for its concentrated partnership approach.

prior experience & education
  • Beth is a product leader and general manager with operational experience building and scaling disruptive businesses.
  • Most recently, Beth served as Chief Operating Officer of PlayFab, the SaaS backend platform for online games, during a period of rapid growth that culminated in the company’s sale to Microsoft.
  • Before PlayFab, Beth led product at GrubHub, helping to drive its growth from a startup operating in only a few markets to the national category leader. Earlier in her career, Beth served in a variety of commercial and product roles at Expedia.
  • Beth graduated from Yale with a degree in Economics and International Studies and received an MBA from INSEAD.
  • Beth’s first job in college was delivering birthday cakes by bike, which was pretty miserable – but it did give her some insights into the challenges of food delivery.
  • After many years as a card-carrying travel agent, Beth still knows the three-letter airport codes for most major airports.
  • Beth and her family live in the Pacific Northwest, and in their free time, they hike, ski cross-country and downhill, and climb an occasional mountain.
Grow With Each Other

My best work experiences have been in environments where a small group works together to surmount significant challenges. There’s something magical about a passionate, scrappy group that organically learns to draw on the strengths of individual members, engage in healthy debate and then move forward decisively in lockstep. Even with limited resources, teams like that can move quickly and accomplish a great deal.