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Sean Cantwell in Forbes: How Companies Can Tackle Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Threats Today

Sean Cantwell

Sean Cantwell is a managing partner at Volition Capital, focusing primarily on companies in the Software and Tech-Enabled Services sectors. Original article published in Forbes by Gary Drenik.

Breaches in cyber security can be detrimental to the health of enterprise organizations and SMBs alike. Not only are they financially devastating, but they also erode consumer trust. The advent of widespread distributed teams in 2020 added an additional layer of risk and cyber criminals took notice.

Sean Cantwell in Forbes

Data breaches are no longer a matter of if but when and they are killers of productivity. According to a 2021 Norton cyber safety insights report, globally, victims of cybercrime spent nearly 7 hours resolving each breach resulting in a total global loss of 2.7 billion working hours.

Boston-based growth equity firm Volition Capital has dedicated an entire team to research, vet, and ultimately invest in cybersecurity startups that are committed to making premiere cybersecurity adoption a standard practice in every organization.

To better understand which organizations are on the bleeding edge of protecting enterprises against cybercrime and what enterprise leaders should be focused on now to prevent cyber-attacks in 2023, I caught up with Sean Cantwell, managing partner at Volition. Specifically, Sean and I touch on how to mitigate the biggest threats facing IT teams today and the strategies your organization can employ today to secure your data immediately…


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