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Super73: What Has It Been Like Working with Volition?


LeGrand: I’m the LeGrand Crewse co-founder and CEO of Super73.

Michael: And I’m Michael Cannavo, co-founder and CMO of Super73.

LeGrand: So, what’s it been like having investors in our company? It’s been just nothing but roses and a fun time. So, no, it’s, you know, in all honesty, I think that we’ve been very fortunate and that we have, I think, very good investors.

They really, really believe in what we’re doing. And, you know, and obviously, we’ve had success, but it is it’s bringing it’s a different dynamic.

You know, we started the company, a small group of us, and we were in control of everything, and we just answered each other. And so, bringing investors on, you now have somebody else that also, you know, you need to answer to.

But in addition to the money, the investor also brings perspective and other things to the table that, you know, that we didn’t have. And I think that’s something that’s really borne out. But honestly, our experience has been pretty good. And I think that’s again because we took the time to ensure that we brought the right investors. I mean, I think that we were just as picky with investors as we were with, you know, who was going to be part of this company initially. And I think that that really, you know, has gone a long way to making sure that we’ve had a good relationship.

Michael: I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we said together, but we don’t. We don’t need an investor. We can just bootstrap it. We’ll struggle. We’ll keep struggling because it was more important to us to find the right person than to find someone. And so we had bootstrapped it for the first three years, and we were like, we can keep bootstrapping it. It’s going to be a slower growth, and we may fall behind. 

But the idea of, like LeGrande said, waiting for that right investor, waiting for that person with vision, not just who can write a check, but who can write a check and then have the vision behind it to help us execute on the lofty goals we had. And that was cool being in that position of saying we’d really like an investor, but we’re not bringing one on until it’s the right one.

LeGrand: And the other. The other thing with that, with having an investor, you know, going back to the accountability, you know, we are, you know, entrepreneurs or creators, you know, we maybe don’t like to have, you know, rigid monthly and quarterly reports and all these things. But, you know, those things are important. 

And being able to measure what’s happening and whether we are having success, etc. So those are the things I think also that there’s this accountability piece. You know, investors, often we’ll ask you the questions. I feel like we maybe didn’t even know to ask. And I think that we’ve all grown from that. It can be a pain, for sure. But I think we’re all better off for it.

Michael: It’s pushed us all a little bit further as well, which is which has been awesome.

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