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Feb 11, 2020
Lindsey Eckerd

The Next Enabling Platform: Q&A with Sean Cantwell and Dave Gordon

The Next Enabling Platform

Historically, there are four key ingredients that all enabling platforms have. They’ve all got a critical mass of users that make it interesting for third parties to develop solutions on top of that platform. They’ve got an open ecosystem, so it’s easy for third parties to develop solutions on top of it. They enable their partners to easily hook into that underlying platform and acquire customers that are on that platform. And they align economics with third parties to make it that to allow them to have the incentive necessary to develop applications as well as sell solutions to the platform.

If you look back, the most iconic technology companies of each innovation era were all enabling platforms.

Following his recent article on Enabling Platforms, Dave Gordon sat down with Volition Managing Partner Sean Cantwell to dig into the details.


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